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Feb 5, 2017

Can Space Travel Reverse Ageing? The Curious Case Of Astronaut Scott Kelly

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I have been slowly trying to evolve everyone’s thinking and knosledge about what Quantum is and its significant impact it is bringing to all industries as it relates to technology and health/ bio sciences.

My interest in Quantum Biology began when I was 12 years old although Quantum Bio then wasn’t even considered a reality. I had to at my age out of necessity as in my own father’s family had a Neuro and electrode defect impacting their hearts and muscle movements. So, being by nature, a person who dives deep into an interest I study thoroughly the neuro sensory pathways, the heart, the entire sensory pathways where the body continuously sends electro charges.

After many decades of my own research and studying on the side, I knew how much the impact quantum brings to the biological environment.

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Feb 5, 2017

China’s Intelligent Weaponry Gets Smarter

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The Pentagon’s plan to bring A.I. to the military is taking shape as Chinese researchers assert themselves in the nascent technology field. And that shift is reflected in surprising commercial advances in artificial intelligence among Chinese companies.

Robert O. Work, the veteran defense official retained as deputy secretary by President Trump, calls them his “A.I. dudes.” The breezy moniker belies their serious task: The dudes have been a kitchen cabinet of sorts, and have advised Mr. Work as he has sought to reshape warfare by bringing artificial intelligence to the battlefield.

Last spring, he asked, “O.K., you guys are the smartest guys in A.I., right?”

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Feb 4, 2017

MIT Researchers Develop a Tough Hydrogel Hybrid That Never Dries Out

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Constantly changing contact lenses is annoying and tedious. MIT developed a new hydrogel that could be the future of longer lasting contacts.

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Feb 4, 2017

MIT Researchers Created An Algorithm That Can Detect Emotion During The conversation

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Nice new algorithm for humanoid systems.

A person dissipates various kind of emotion during the daily conversation. The expression actually depends on the statement of the narrator but, sometimes it is very difficult to perceive someone’s sentiment behind the speech. To unveil the emotion behind someone’s speech, scientists created an artificial intelligence algorithm.

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Feb 4, 2017

Will FedEx offer delivery by drone? The company’s CIO offers a glimpse into its robotics plans

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Hmmm, I believe Amazon and Dominos is already ahead of them.

The shipping giant is investing in autonomous trucks, and is interested in delivery robots and an Alexa app.

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Feb 4, 2017

This 22-Year-Old Is Already An Engineer At NASA

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Luv it! Girl Power story for sure.

And she’s yet to graduate from MIT… with a 5.0. Yah.

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Feb 4, 2017

Now, wearable AI system can detect the tone of a conversation

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AI that is too sensitive by a person’s tone; hmmm.

As a participant tells a story, the system can analyse audio, text transcriptions and physiological signals to determine the overall tone of the story with 83 per cent accuracy.

Using deep-learning techniques, the system can also provide a “sentiment score” for specific five-second intervals within a conversation.

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Feb 4, 2017

How AI and machine learning tech can aid your startup strategy

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Since the past 4–5 years, we have seen a change in the shopping behavior of users, both online as well as offline. It has resulted from user’s reviews and recommendations about the products ranging from fashion to home to technology, all thanks to social websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and many other global as well as regional social sites. Social commerce is a term, coined by Yahoo in 2005, as a set of online shopping tools that take into account the user liking patterns, sharing reviews, information and advices on products, as per their usages, thus affecting the sales of those products.

There are two types of social commerce strategies — one is offsite where the e-retailer brings in the social angle from external social platforms, separate from their own websites, thus enhancing the sales and second is onsite social commerce platform where the website/platform uses its own channel to enhance sales based on content, context, and reviews etc. AI and ML Tech comes into play after these reviews and recommendations have been provided by the users and then placing the same in front of potential buyers for better decision making.

Artificial and machine learning technologies have been used by giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple for more than a decade to enhance their platforms for better user experience which can now be seen to be mandatory adaptation for most of the internet based businesses, not only as it shows better ROI, but also open countless doors for future digital opportunities.

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Feb 4, 2017

What Was Our Universe Like Before the Big Bang?

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Theoretical physicists and cosmologists deal with the biggest questions, like “Why are we here?” “When did the universe begin?” and “How?” Another questions that bugs them, and likely has bugged you, is “What happened before the Big Bang?”

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Feb 4, 2017

An Anonymous group just took down a fifth of the dark web

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Glad I wasn’t on TOR for a while.

Visitors to more than 10,000 Tor-based websites were met with an alarming announcement this morning: “Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked.” A group affiliating itself with Anonymous had compromised servers at Freedom Hosting II, a popular service for hosting websites accessible only through Tor. Roughly six hours after the initial announcement, all the sites hosted by the service are still offline.

In the message, the group offers to sell the compromised data back to Freedom Hosting II in exchange for 0.1 bitcoin, or just over $100, although it is unclear whether the offer is in earnest.

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