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Jul 12, 2024

Apple Reportedly Upgrading the iPhone 16’s RAM to Handle AI Functions

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It’s a mild bump from 6GB, but it is still good for consumers, at least.

Jul 12, 2024

Gateway: The first lunar space station

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An interplay of light and shadows cast the docking ports for Gateway, humanity’s first space station around the moon, into sharp relief.

Jul 12, 2024

Humans Could Forge a Hybrid Consciousness by Merging With Artificial Life, Oxford Scientists Say

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WITH THE IDEA OF CONSCIOUS DIGITAL MINDS on the horizon, it could be that humans are the proverbial frog in a boiling pot of water, and it’s only been a few years since things have started to feel a bit steamy. But as Bostrom argues in his book, this might be a boiling pot we don’t want to jump out of.

“We need to rethink what it means to be human in such a world where AI has taken care of all the practical tasks and we have a kind of a solved world,” Bostrom says. “You might have a much more radical form of automation … where maybe working for money at all becomes completely unnecessary because AI and robots can do everything better than we can do.”

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Jul 12, 2024

Apple Supplier TSMC Will Begin Trial Production Of 2nm Chips Next Week, Aiming To Secure A Stable Yield Before Mass Production

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Apple supplier TSMC will begin trial production of 2nm chips next week for next year’s debut on iPhone 17 lineup.

Jul 12, 2024

Xpeng is set to follow Tesla in this massive self-driving strategy

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Xpeng looks to be following in Tesla’s footsteps for its upcoming vehicle release.

Jul 12, 2024

Construction begins on $5 billion transmission line to open up wind, solar and minerals

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The $5 billion CopperString project will connect Queensland’s northwest to the grid through an 840km power line running from south of Townsville to Mount Isa.

Set to be finished by 2029, CopperString has been described as the region’s “most transformative project since steam locomotives” in the 19th century.

Jul 12, 2024

What flavor is that neutrino? Adding flavor helps to track neutrino movement in astrophysical systems

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Neutrinos have a quantum mechanical property called “flavor.” This flavor can transform as neutrinos move through space. A major challenge is to keep track of both the physical movement of the neutrinos and their change of flavor in astrophysical systems such as core-collapse supernovae and neutron star mergers. The complicated arrangement and large number of neutrinos in these systems make it nearly impossible to follow all or even a subset of the neutrinos.

Jul 12, 2024

Scientists find new way global air churn makes particles

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You can think of our atmosphere as a big chemistry set, a global churn of gaseous molecules and particles that constantly bounce off and change each other in complicated ways. While the particles are very small, often less than 1% of the thickness of human hair, they have outsized impacts. For example, particles are the seeds of cloud droplets, and the abundance of the particles changes the reflectivity and the amount of clouds, rainfall and climate.

Jul 12, 2024

China: Quantum tech cracks subatomic code, beats supercomputers

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A Chinese research team has achieved a significant milestone in quantum computing by successfully building a device that can simulate the movement of electrons within a solid-state material.

This research, published in the journal Nature, showcases the potential of quantum computers to surpass even the most powerful supercomputers.

Understanding electron behavior is crucial for scientific advancements, particularly in the fields of magnetism and high-temperature superconducting materials. These materials could revolutionize electricity transmission and transportation, leading to significant energy savings and technological progress.

Jul 12, 2024

Woman given three months to live after a cancer diagnosis is stunned to hear she is now in remission

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In June 2019, a doctor in Spain dismissed her symptoms as menopause and it was only six months later that she found out it was stage 4 bowel cancer.

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