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Apr 3, 2017

Mechanical exoskeleton can help you carry your tools

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This mechanical exoskeleton can help you carry 36-pound tools.

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Apr 2, 2017

This scientific breakthrough could reverse the aging process

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The fountain of youth isn’t so far off.

Scientists have discovered a revolutionary molecule that could be crucial to the health and survival of Mars astronauts – and crucial to helping us look young forever.

Our cells have the ability to repair themselves, but that declines with age – and scientists finally discovered why. The breakthrough comes after six years of DNA research from scientists at Harvard Medical School and University of New South Wales. Their findings were published Friday in Science.

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Apr 2, 2017

Meet the MQ-25A Stingray

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Meet the MQ-25A Stingray — the US’s response to threats like China’s ‘carrier killers.’

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Apr 2, 2017

This Futurist Wants a Future Without Money

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I’m excited to share my interview and footage I took of Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows at The Venus Project for Now This. This video is really doing well! #transhumanism #future

This man is trying to create a world without money.

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Apr 2, 2017

No more ‘superbugs’? Maple syrup extract enhances antibiotic action

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2017 — Antibiotics save lives every day, but there is a downside to their ubiquity. High doses can kill healthy cells along with infection-causing bacteria, while also spurring the creation of “superbugs” that no longer respond to known antibiotics. Now, researchers may have found a natural way to cut down on antibiotic use without sacrificing health: a maple syrup extract that dramatically increases the potency of these medicines.

The researchers will present their work today at the 253rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). ACS, the world’s largest scientific society, is holding the meeting here through Thursday. It features more than 14,000 presentations on a wide range of science topics.

“Native populations in Canada have long used maple syrup to fight infections,” says Nathalie Tufenkji, Ph.D. “I’ve always been interested in the science behind these folk medicines.”

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Apr 2, 2017

There’s a 50% chance that a robot is coming for your job

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Your job isn’t safe. Nearly half of the jobs in America today may soon be done by robots.

Robots will begin delivering Domino’s pizza starting this summer. The small, six-wheeled devices go 4 miles per hour and will drop the pizzas off within a one-mile radius of its stores in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Apr 2, 2017

Soon you’ll be able to go to work in a flying taxi

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Late for work? Imagine skipping the subway and instead heading to your local “vertiport,” where you can hop into an aircraft the size of an SUV that runs on electricity and works pretty much like an elevator.

Get in, punch in your destination, and off you go. Alone.

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Apr 2, 2017

Artificial intelligence enters the nutraceutical industry

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Wednesday, March 1st Baltimore, MD — In March 2016 Insilico Medicine initiated a research collaboration with Life Extension to apply advanced bioinformatic methods and deep learning algorithms to screen for naturally occurring compounds that may slow down or even reverse the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging. Today Life Extension (LE) launched a new line of nutraceuticals called GEROPROTECTTM, and the first product in the series called Ageless CellTM combines some of the natural compounds that were shortlisted by Insilico Medicine’s algorithms and are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

The first research results on human biomarkers of aging and the product will be presented at the Re-Work Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in London 28.02−01.03, 2017, one of the popular multidisciplinary conferences focusing on the emerging area of deep learning and machine intelligence.

“We salute Life Extension on the launch of GEROPROTECTTM: Ageless Cell, the first combination of nutraceuticals developed using our artificial intelligence algorithms. We share the common passion for extending human productive longevity and investing every quantum of our energy and resources to identify novel ways to prevent age-related decline and diseases. Partnering with Life Extension has multiple advantages. LE has spent the past 37 years educating consumers on the latest in nutritional therapies for optimal health and anti-aging and is an industry leader and a premium brand in the supplement industry. Also, LE also has a unique mail order blood test service that allows US customers to perform comprehensive blood tests to help identify potential health concerns and to track the effects of the nutraceutical products,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, CEO of Insilico Medicine, Inc.

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Apr 2, 2017

Cubans Have Had a Vaccine for Lung Cancer Since 2011, and Now the U.S. Can Finally Use It

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A Cuban lung cancer vaccine in use since 2011 is finally being allowed into the U.S.

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Apr 2, 2017

Norway Gets a New Doomsday Vault That Stores Data

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Just in time for doomsday, Norway’s “Doomsday Vault” is getting an expansion. Officially known as the World Arctic Archive, the vault opened this week and has already taken submissions from two countries. This time, instead of storing seeds that will survive the apocalypse, the vault is archiving data using specially developed film.

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