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Jul 23, 2019

Tesla has a giant new machine to produce the Model Y frame in almost one piece

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Tesla is working on several significant manufacturing improvements for the Model Y production program and it includes building a giant new casting machine to produce a big part of the Model Y frame in one single piece.

We have been reporting on how Tesla plans to simplify the design of its future vehicle platforms and achieve greater automation in the manufacturing process.

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Jul 23, 2019

Dr. Calixto Machado, MD. PhD. Clinical Neurophysiology and Neurology; Author of “Brain Death: A Reappraisal” — ideaXme Show — Ira Pastor

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Jul 23, 2019

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to launch 3D printer that could one day print human organs from space

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For Kenneth Church, sending a 3D printer that could one day print viable human organs to the International Space Station was a personal decision.

Church’s daughter, Kendie Hope, suffered from a diaphragmatic hernia when she was little that prevented her right lung from growing.

“It turned out that my kid shouldn’t have lived,” Church, who is the CEO of nScrypt — an Orlando-based manufacturer that sells 3D printing equipment, said.

Jul 23, 2019

Microsoft invests in and partners with OpenAI to support us building beneficial AGI

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Microsoft is investing $1 billion in OpenAI to support us building artificial general intelligence (AGI) with widely distributed []

Economic benefits. We’re partnering to develop a hardware and software platform within Microsoft Azure which will scale to AGI. We’ll jointly develop new Azure.

AI supercomputing technologies, and Microsoft will become our exclusive cloud provider—so we’ll be working hard together to further extend Microsoft Azure’s capabilities in large-s.

Jul 23, 2019

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on the next giant leap for mankind

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As the founder, CEO and lead designer at SpaceX, a private company that makes rockets and spacecraft, Elon Musk envisions a time when his reusable rockets will bring people to the moon and Mars. He’s focused on humans becoming a “multi-planet species,” and on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, he speaks with Jeffrey Kluger (editor-at-large at Time magazine, and the co-author of “Apollo 13”) about his vision for the future.

Jul 23, 2019

India’s Chandrayaan-2 moon mission lifts off a week after aborted launch

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It will take more than six weeks to travel about 238,600 miles (384,000km) to the moon. The four-tonne spacecraft has a lunar orbiter, a lander named Vikram after the founder of Isro, and a rover. The rover, named Pragyan, which means “wisdom” in Sanskrit, will spend two weeks traversing the moon’s surface. The six-wheeled vehicle, which will be deployed in early September, will collect crucial information about the mineral and chemical composition of the lunar surface, and search for water.

It was, he added, a “fully indigenous” project, using Indian technology.

Chandrayaan-2 aims to become the first mission to conduct a surface landing on the lunar south pole region, where it will collect crucial information about the moon’s composition. It would be India’s first surface landing on the moon – a feat previously achieved by only Russia, the US and China.

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Jul 22, 2019

NASA Mission Control restored to the way it looked in 1969 for new museum

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NASA unveiled the completely restored Apollo Mission Control, brought back to the way it looked 50 years ago when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in Apollo 11. Flight Director Gene Kranz showed NBC’s Tom Costello around and reflected on the historic day.

Jul 22, 2019

Panic Attacks and Anxiety Episodes Linked to Vitamin Deficiencies in Groundbreaking Study

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With approximately 40 million adults across the United States experiencing anxiety each year, scientists and researchers have dedicated their careers to trying to better understand this condition. Despite this work, we are still somewhat unclear on what actually causes this condition to occur.

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Jul 22, 2019

NASA Remembers Legendary Flight Director Chris Kraft

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Today, we remember the life and legacy of Chris Kraft who joined our Space Task Group in 1958 as our first flight director with responsibilities that immersed him in mission procedures and challenging operational issues. He personally invented new mission planning and control processes. More on his contributions:

Jul 22, 2019

The Universe’s First Type of Molecule Is Found at Last

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Making a replicator from this could make something that could create almost anything :3.

The first type of molecule that ever formed in the universe has been detected in space for the first time, after decades of searching. Scientists discovered its signature in our own galaxy using the world’s largest airborne observatory, NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, or SOFIA, as the aircraft flew high above the Earth’s surface and pointed its sensitive instruments out into the cosmos.

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