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Jun 20, 2019

Serotonin linked to somatic awareness, a condition long thought to be imaginary

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International team spearheaded by researchers at McGill University has discovered a biological mechanism that could explain heightened somatic awareness, a condition where patients experience physical discomforts for which there is no physiological explanation.

Jun 20, 2019

Walmart is using AI-powered cameras to prevent theft at checkout lanes

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The system tracks and alarms when items move past the register without being scanned.

Jun 20, 2019

Mimicking black hole event horizons in atomic and solid-state systems

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:0000000 imagine a ship covered in blackhole metal face_with_colon_three

Holographic quantum matter exhibits an intriguing connection between quantum black holes and more conventional (albeit strongly interacting) quantum many-body systems. This connection is manifested in the study of their thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and many-body quantum chaos. In this Review, we discuss these connections, focusing on the most promising example of holographic quantum systems to date – the family of Sachdev–Ye–Kitaev (SYK) models. The SYK models are simple quantum mechanical models that have the potential to holographically realize quantum black holes. We examine various proposals for the experimental realizations of SYK models, including ultracold gases, graphene flakes, semiconductor quantum wires and 3D topological insulators. These approaches offer the exciting prospect of accessing black hole physics and thus addressing many important questions regarding quantum gravity in the laboratory.

Jun 20, 2019

Scientists 3D-print biological tissue without using scaffolds

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Though it may be hard to believe that there is already an “established” method of doing something such as 3D-printing biological tissue, there does indeed seem to be one. It utilizes microscale scaffolds – which a newly-developed technique does away with the need for.

Jun 20, 2019

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin fires up moon landing engine in successful first test

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It’s sound and fury signifying a step toward landing on the lunar surface.

Jun 20, 2019

This company invented a way of dyeing clothes without using water or chemicals

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What do you think?


Jun 20, 2019

Black Mirror IRL: Five Scary Ways Billionaires are Investing in Immortality

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While we all know that billionaires control a substantial amount of the world’s wealth – in fact, current projections see the richest 1% controlling 2/3 of it by 2030. But, did you know that when they aren’t investing in space shuttles, underground Hyperloops and sprawling tech campuses, the super-rich are looking at a range of mind-blowing methods to increase their lifespan?

Jun 20, 2019

A Microscopic Realm Seen ‘Through the Eyes of the Cell’

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A new imaging tool works more like Google Maps than a traditional microscope.

Jun 20, 2019

Facebook Unleashes Software to Make Programming Robots Easy

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Anyone who tells you the robot apocalypse is upon us—that the machines will not stop stealing our jobs, that they are gearing up to chase us through the streets while doing backflips and fighting off stick-wielding humans—has never tried to program a robot. It’s difficult to get a machine to do so much as move an arm, which requires the precise control and coordination of joint angles and torque.

The difficulty of programming robots is a problem that Facebook, of all companies, wants to fix. Today the social network continues its unlikely dive into robotics by open-sourcing a new robot framework, known as PyRobot, that could simplify the way researchers program their machines, and could even make it easier for non-robotics types to jump into the field. If programming robots has so far been something like wading through a command-line interface, PyRobot promises to be like gliding through the sleekness of macOS. At least, that’s the hope: Many others have tried and failed to do this kind of thing.

Jun 20, 2019

Machine learning unlocks mysteries of quantum physics

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Understanding electrons’ intricate behavior has led to discoveries that transformed society, such as the revolution in computing made possible by the invention of the transistor.