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May 26, 2019

New targets for the world’s biggest atom smasher and wood designed to cool buildings

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May 26, 2019

Exercise And Wash Laundry With This Eco-Friendly Washer-Bike!

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Finding the time to exercise when you’ve got heaps of housework – and laundry – piling up can be difficult, but this piece of gym kit means you’ve got no excuse!

The Bike Washing Machine is a human-powered washing machine that encourages you to multitask and conserve water while boosting your fitness in a fun, efficient way.

A generator inside the bike also creates electricity which can be stored for future use.

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May 26, 2019

Stem cell therapy for graft dysfunction in lung transplant

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Mayo Clinic researchers have demonstrated the safety and feasibility of stem cell therapy for lung transplant recipients with moderate obstructive chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD). A larger clinical study is planned, which might eventually yield regenerative-medicine options for managing acute or chronic CLAD.

“The primary purpose is to improve lung function, or at least arrest the rate of decline in lung function, in transplant patients with progressive obstructive disease that is refractory to medical therapy,” says Cesar A. Keller, M.D., emeritus professor at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

Although lung transplantation is a life-saving treatment option, chronic rejection is considerably more common than in other solid organ transplants, due to the lungs’ continuous exposure to environmental factors. Within five years of lung transplant, 45 percent of recipients develop obstructive CLAD, also known as bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS) — which has an associated mortality rate ranging from 25 percent to 56 percent. There is no standardized therapeutic protocol for BOS, and the existing therapies have had variable success.

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May 26, 2019

Engineered Cells and CRISPR Kits | Genome Engineering

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Synthego offers Full Stack Genome Engineering Solutions. Our Engineered Cells and CRISPR kits enables all researchers to access CRISPR and accelerate their scientific discoveries, uncover cures for diseases, and develop novel synthetic biology applications.

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May 26, 2019

Microsoft, Alphabet team up to teach quantum computer programming

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Microsoft, Alphabet and Brilliant are offering a course that teaches you the ins and outs of quantum computer coding.

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May 26, 2019

Scientists using ‘quantum headphones’ to protect delicate data

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Australian scientists have been inspired by noise-cancelling headphones to develop a system for protecting delicate quantum data.

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May 26, 2019

Still Images Come to Life Thanks to Samsung’s Deepfake AI

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Imagine the possibility of integrating mixed reality (XR) tech with that of this AImagine having a long, open conversation about philosophy with either Immanuel Kant or David Hume. Imagine being given a private lesson in economics by either Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, or Karl Marx. The possibilities are seemingly abundant. But then so are the risks.

A lot of coverage has been done on the emergence of what are known as “deepfakes” here on Serious Wonder the last few years. They’ve captivated us at times and then frightened us. The implications of this growing technology are practically limitless, especially as our ability to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake diminishes even further.

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May 26, 2019

Why Would a Scientist Inject Himself with 3.5 Million Year Old Bacteria?

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What was this scientist thinking when he injected himself with a 3.5 million years old bacteria from Siberian mountains? What happened to him afterwards? Is he doing ok now, or was this science experiment gone wrong? Let’s find out in today’s episode:

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May 26, 2019

China’s robot censors crank up as Tiananmen anniversary nears

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BEIJING (Reuters) — It’s the most sensitive day of the year for China’s internet, the anniversary of the bloody June 4 crackdown on pro-democracy protests at Tiananmen Square, and with under two weeks to go, China’s robot censors are working overtime.

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May 26, 2019

The Physics of Time: How Intelligible is Time?

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“Time is a moving image of eternity.” –Plato.

TIME, the reef upon which all our frail mystic ships are wrecked, has remained an elusive notion over the ages. Sages, philosophers and scientists have ventured a countless number of times into the dark arena of the hourglass in an attempt to tame the indomitable vortex of this indefinite stream.

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