Aug 24, 2021

The ‘Joker’ Virus Has Returned to Android: It Can Empty Your Bank Accounts Without You Noticing It and It Is Hidden in These Apps in the Google Play Store

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The ‘Joker’ virus hides in several apps on the Google Play Store and the user does not realize it until their bank accounts are emptied. See how this malware operates and what are the dangerous applications.

In September 2,020 the ’Joker’ virus was found in 24 Android applications that registered more than 500 thousand downloads before being removed. It is estimated that that time it affected more than 30 countries including the United States, Brazil and Spain. Through unauthorized subscriptions, hackers could steal up to $7 (about 140 Mexican pesos) per subscription weekly, a figure that has most likely increased in recent months.

How does the Joker virus work in Android apps?

The ’Joker’ Trojan virus belongs to a family of malware known as Bread 0 whose objective is to hack cell phone bills and authorize operations without the user’s consent.

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