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Apr 26, 2016

Virtual Reality Projected To Lead Before Augmented Reality

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Shipments of augmented reality hardware, which combine real-world and virtual images in the user’s field of view, are forecast by market research firm IDC to ramp up over the next few years. Unlike virtual reality hardware, which tends to be more geared toward gaming, AR hardware is particularly suited for enterprise use, such as architecture, equipment repair and maintenance,

Product design and medical procedures, to name a few. IDC predicted that VR hardware will take off first, but AR will catch up, with combined devices markets seeing hardware shipments exceeding.

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Apr 26, 2016

Allen Institute releases powerful new data on the aging brain and traumatic brain injury

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New project underway to find answers.

The Allen Institute for Brain Science has announced major updates to its online resources available at “”, including a new resource on Aging, Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in collaboration with UW Medicine researchers at the University of Washington, and Group Health. The resource is the first of its kind to collect and share a wide variety of data modalities on a large sample of aged brains, complete with mental health histories and clinical diagnoses.

“The power of this resource is its ability to look across such a large number of brains, as well as a large number of data types,” says Ed Lein, Ph.D., Investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. “The resource combines traditional neuropathology with modern ‘omics’ approaches to enable researchers to understand the process of aging, look for molecular signatures of disease and identify hallmarks of brain injury.”

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Apr 26, 2016

Oncologists warn against virus causing oral cancer

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New research findings showing HPV is several cases could be passed orally. If this is the case; what is the tie to folks with cold sores.

The transmission of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), very much possible during oral sex, causes cancer, two oncologists have warned.

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Apr 26, 2016

Building the Foundation of the Cognitive Computing Era

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For almost a year I have shared how Quantum technology will take AI to a new level. This article highlights the benefits of Quantum in AI.

Scott Crowder of IBM discusses the technologies and data infrastructure that will be required to drive the cognitive computing and artificial intelligence systems of the near future.

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Apr 26, 2016

Hi-res nanoparticle maps reveal best shape for batteries

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Many recent big technological advances in computing, communications, energy, and biology have relied on nanoparticles. It can be hard to determine the best nanomaterials for these applications, however, because observing nanoparticles in action requires high spatial resolution in “messy,” dynamic environments.

In a recent step in this direction, a team of engineers has obtained a first look inside phase-changing nanoparticles, showing how their shape and crystallinity—the arrangement of atoms within the crystal—can have dramatic effects on their performance.

The work, which appears in Nature Materials, has immediate applications in the design of energy storage materials, but could eventually find its way into data storage, electronic switches, and any device in which the phase transformation of a material regulates its performance.

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Apr 26, 2016

A New Use for Tesla Coils: Self-Assembling Nanotubes

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Researchers at Rice University are working on self-assembling wires that can move matter, essentially “force fields” powered by Tesla coils.

They’ve been working “very quietly,” said adjunct assistant professor Paul Cherukuri. He describes the project, which incorporates Tesla coils and nano-scale filaments, as “self-assembly at a distance.” The project started when the researchers were working with nanotubes, just seeing what they could do when pairing the coils with the electrification from Tesla coils.

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Apr 26, 2016

New artificial protein assembles materials at the nanoscale

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HANOVER, N.H., April 26 (UPI) — Proteins are the contractors of the nanoscale natural world, assembling and building at the atomic, molecular and cellular levels. Increasingly, materials scientists are working to harness that power.

Recently, researchers at Dartmouth College created protein capable of crafting buckyball molecules. “Buckyball” is a nickname for buckminsterfullerene molecules, a soccer ball-shaped molecule of 60 carbon atoms.

The newly synthesized protein organizes buckyballs into a periodic lattice — a wall of buckyballs.

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Apr 26, 2016

New Anti-Biofilm Nano Coating Prevents Bacterial Growth on Metal Surfaces

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A new anti-biofilm nano coating has been developed by a group of researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU). The newly developed coating has remarkable anti-adhesive potential, and may be used for various industrial and medical applications.

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Apr 26, 2016

Want a career in artificial intelligence? Here’s a guide

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Good article overall highlighting the gaps in AI talent. I do know that some of the best AI SMEs in the US all have worked somewhere in their careers at the US National Labs because many us had to build “real time” systems that leveraged complex algorithms to self-monitor conditions and react independently under certain conditions arise and in some cases we leveraged the super computer to prove theories as well. I suggest locate where some of these folks exist because you will find your talent pool.

Artificial Intelligence is the field where jobs continue to grow, provided you have the desired skill sets

Diksha Gupta,

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Apr 26, 2016

Artificial Intelligence: China Accelerates Bid For Global Dominance In ‘Robotics’

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China continues to accelerate its bid to grab the initiative in 21st-century robotics and artificial intelligence development as the next emerging global powerhouse. Small wonder that the world’s leading manufacturing giant has already raced past the rest of the world as a major user of robots.

According to the China Robot Industry Alliance, the country is already a flourishing hub for consumer robotics and is poised for a radical transition from its human-based workforce to an automated Artificial Intelligence or AI-based alternative. Its recent unveiling of the incredibly adept and efficient personal robot BIG-i is a pertinent example. Dubbed “butler,” this humanoid is primarily a service robot with the programmed ability to aid homeowners in the performance of a wide variety of household errands. It can easily track the location of various household appliances and transport items from one point to the next by employing its claw-like mechanical hands.

China Accelerates Bid For Global Dominance
[Image via Shutterstock]BIG-i was designed by Dr. Tin Lun Lam, a research fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who had previously designed the “Treebot,” the first biologically inspired tree-climbing robot equipped with a highly advanced maneuvering mechanism.

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