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Sep 21, 2016

Quantum Internet Moves Closer Thanks To Researchers

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A team of physicists has successfully carried out the teleportation of a proton in research that could lead to a quantum internet.

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Sep 21, 2016

Microsoft is reprogramming cancer

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Microsoft is thinking about cancer in terms of computer software.

Microsoft wants to “solve” cancer, and is doing it by thinking about the body like a computer.

The technology giant may be more closely associated with malware than malignant diseases, but researchers working for the company’s “biological computation” unit in Cambridge are showing the former isn’t entirely separate from the latter.

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Sep 21, 2016

Not Content With Silencing Human Critics, Russia Has Now Arrested A Robot

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1st Robot has been arrested this year; guess Kurzweil’s request for Robots to have Constitutional Rights may have a need.

You might be forgiven if you were under the impression that the Russian government is a bit behind the times when it comes to modern technology and its never ending desire to stifle every last bit of dissent possible. Between the bouts its had with internet censorship and some strange claims about how binge-watching streaming services are a form of United States mind-control, it would be quite easy to be left with the notion that this is all for comedy. Alas, blunders and conspiracy theories aside, much of this technological blundering is mere cover for the very real iron grip the Russians place upon free speech, with all manner of examples in technology used as excuses to silence its critics.

And now it’s no longer just human beings that need fear the Russian government, it seems. Just this past week, a robot was arrested at a political rally. And, yes, I really do mean a robot, and, yes, I really do mean arrested.

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Sep 21, 2016

China, Russia space war weapons on fast track

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The nominee to lead the U.S. Strategic Command warned Congress this week that China and Russia are rapidly building space warfare capabilities and the United States is lagging behind in efforts to counter the threat.

Both Beijing and Moscow are developing anti-satellite missiles and laser guns and maneuvering killer space robots that could cripple strategic U.S. communications, navigation and intelligence satellites, the backbone of American high-technology warfare.

Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, picked to be the next Stratcom commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Chinese and Russian space weapons pose “an emerging challenge” and that the Pentagon is accelerating its efforts to counter the threat.

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Sep 21, 2016

Google’s new chat app should be deleted and never used, says Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden has warned people not to use Google’s new chat app, because it lets the company read everything that they say.

Google has finally released its new chat app after showing it off over the summer. It comes with a robot that watches everything people say and then stores it for later analysis, using that data to improve the app itself.

But that also means that chats are stored on Google’s servers indefinitely, and are able to be read by it. The company had initially indicated that the messages would only be stored temporarily, limiting the possible impact of any data breach and retaining some privacy for users.

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Sep 21, 2016

Superyacht with a private beach

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This superyacht has its own private beach onboard.

This superyacht with its own private beach onboard is the dream of the rich and famous.

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Sep 21, 2016

AT&T Wants to Blanket the Nation With Gigabit Wi-Fi From Utility Poles

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Fiber-based internet service is great (ask any jealous New Yorker not eligible for FiOS) but laying fiber cable costs tens of thousands of dollars per mile. Infrastructure projects to bring it to every household in a given area so expensive, even Google can’t foot the bill. So AT&T decided to use stuff most places had already to piggyback a wi-fi signal.

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Sep 21, 2016

SanDisk outs the ‘world’s first’ 1TB SD card

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It’s been 16 years since the company introduced the first 64MB SD card.

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Sep 21, 2016

Extreme Futures and Technology Forecasting Conference — Fall 2016

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The EFTF Conferences first event in San Francisco. Lots of Lightning Rounds by industry luminaries, and local technologists on the future of technology. Profits from the conference will be donated to a Non-Profit focused using technology to help humanity through the use of new and emerging technology. This conference is about the future of technology, networking and how we can help each other with a holistic approach. Come join the conversation and the futurist trends and technology. There will be an after party but the location is still TBD (tickets for the party are seperate then general admission).

This time we have an exciting device bar and personal technology bar from watchs to cybernetic implants or just to plug in your personal hardware.

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Sep 21, 2016

Allo is a messaging app that makes conversations easier, more productive, and more expressive

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