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Aug 17, 2018

Bioquark Inc. — DNA Today Podcast — Ira Pastor

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Aug 17, 2018

Global study shows environmentally friendly farming can increase productivity

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A major new study involving researchers from the University of York has measured a global shift towards more sustainable agricultural systems that provide environmental improvements at the same time as increases in food production.

The study shows that the sustainable intensification of agriculture, a term that was once considered paradoxical, delivers considerable benefits to both farmers and the environment.

The study, published in the leading journal Nature Sustainability, involved researchers from 17 universities and research institutes in the UK, USA, Sweden, Ethiopia and New Zealand.

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Aug 17, 2018

The plastic waste crisis is an opportunity for the U.S. to get serious about recycling at home

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A global plastic waste crisis is building, with major implications for health and the environment. Under its so-called “National Sword” policy, China has sharply reduced imports of foreign scrap materials. As a result, piles of plastic waste are building up in ports and recycling facilities across the United States.

In response, support is growing nationally and worldwide for banning or restricting single-use consumer plastics, such as straws and grocery bags. These efforts are also spurred by chilling findings about how micro-plastics travel through oceans and waterways and up the food chain.

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Aug 17, 2018

A step closer to a theory of quantum gravity

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Physicists reveal a new approach to resolving different predictions from relativity and quantum physics. Phil Dooley reports.

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Aug 17, 2018

Hundreds of autism genes found to be triggered by a single key protein

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A new study is offering an exciting new clue into the origins of autism spectrum disorder finding a single dysfunctional protein may be responsible for coordinating expression in all the genes that are known to result in autism susceptibility.

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Aug 17, 2018

Hottest exoplanet ever discovered has metallic skies, rain like lava

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Scientists find vaporized iron and titanium in the atmosphere of Kelt-9b, an exoplanet in the constellation Cygnus that is the hottest ever discovered.

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Aug 17, 2018

Discovery reveals why toxic Alzheimer’s plaques don’t always lead to dementia

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One of the fundamental pathological markers seen in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is a build-up of two proteins — amyloid beta and tau — in the brain. It’s this action that many researchers hypothesize is the key symptomatic cause of cognitive decline associated with the disease. However, not all people with a build-up of these proteins display neurological damage and cognitive decline. New research from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston may have finally homed in on the reason behind this strange observation, and the results could lead to a whole new way to battle this devastating disease.

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Aug 17, 2018

Hitting the pause button on life

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🐸 The wood frog, Rana sylvatica, is one of many animals to master the art of a reversible, coma-like state known as metabolic depression. Metabolically depressed animals use tiny amounts of energy, sometimes so little that scientists can’t tell if they have any metabolism at all. Somehow, these animals press the pause button on life, outlasting hard times in demanding environments. Could humans ever learn to imitate death like these animals? Workers from fields as diverse as medicine to space exploration are itching to know the answer… 🤔♾😴.

If other members of the animal kingdom can shut down their bodies over winter, then why can’t we?

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Aug 17, 2018

From 12/26/1965 edition of the Sunday comic strip “Our New Age”… Close enough 🙂

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From 12/26/1965 edition of the Sunday comic strip “Our New Age”… Close enough 🙂.

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Aug 16, 2018

SpaceX’s futuristic Crew Dragon astronaut walkway is ready for US human spaceflight revival

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SpaceX has publicly revealed the sleek, minimalist design of the access arm that NASA astronauts will soon use to board Crew Dragon spacecraft, bringing to an end more than half a decade of U.S. dependency upon non-native rockets and space agencies to transport crew to the International Space Station.

After several months of concerted effort in a tent located on Pad 39A property, SpaceX engineers, welders, and technicians have nearly completed the most critical portion of the launch facility modifications and upgrades necessary to return the pad’s human spaceflight capabilities. Known as a Crew Access Arm (CAA), SpaceX will likely complete installation of the Arm by the end of August, wrapping up what is by far the most visible step yet towards returning astronauts to the ISS on American rockets and spacecraft.

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