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Mar 15, 2020

Fake coronavirus testing kits seized at Los Angeles airport

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LOS ANGELES — Federal authorities warned consumers Saturday about fake home-testing kits for the coronavirus after customs agents intercepted a package at Los Angeles International Airport filled with vials labeled as COVID-19 test kits.

The parcel arriving from the United Kingdom this week was declared as purified water vials valued at nearly $200. But when U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspected it they discovered the labels referring to the new virus that began in China and has spread globally.

“The American public should be aware of bogus home testing kits for sale either online or in informal direct to consumer settings,” the agency said in a statement Saturday.

Mar 15, 2020

Debate: Technology Policy Discussion Forum for Presidential Candidates

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Live right now…

Mar 15, 2020

Clinical trials of Fisetin in a person with autoimmune thyroiditis

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Senolitics can be one of the first for one of the causes of ageing. One of the agents that have shown a senolytic effect is fisetin.

Because of the availability and safety of fisetin, we decided to conduct our experiments of this drug in a person with autoimmune thyroiditis. It is noteworthy that, unlike most trials, we focus not on chronic inflammation but on immune function.

For this test, we need your financial help.

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Mar 15, 2020

These simulations show how to flatten the coronavirus growth curve

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The early trickle of new coronavirus infections has turned into a steady current. By creating simple simulations, we can see how to slow it down.

Mar 15, 2020

NASA: Same terrific power! Less annoying radiation!

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Mar 15, 2020

Introducing The LF-30 Electrified Concept

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With its futuristic design, in-wheel electric motors, autonomous driving technologies and Lexus Advanced Posture Control, the LF-30 Electrified concept redefines how a vehicle can move you.

Mar 15, 2020

US should give citizens $1,000 a month to limit coronavirus impact on economy, strategist says

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Hong Kong’s government announced in late February that it would be giving every resident over the age of 18 a cash payout of 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, part of a package of measures aimed at reducing the financial blow to the territory from the COVID-19 outbreak and months of anti-government protests. At the time, the city’s Financial Secretary Paul Chan told CNBC the move could boost Hong Kong’s economy by around 1%.

The U.S. should follow Hong Kong’s lead and give a cash handout to its citizens amid the coronavirus pandemic, a strategist told CNBC Friday.

“This is not a financial crisis,” Andrew Freris, CEO of Ecognosis Advisory, told CNBC’s “Capital Connection.” “It is a crisis about the real economy.”

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Mar 15, 2020

Fed Cuts Main Interest Rate to Near Zero, to Boost Assets

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The Federal Reserve swept into action on Sunday in a new bid to save the U.S. economy from the fallout of the coronavirus, cutting its benchmark interest rate by a full percentage point to near zero and promising to boost its bond holdings by at least $700 billion.

The central bank also announced several other actions, including letting banks borrow from the discount window for as long as 90 days and reducing reserve requirement ratios to zero percent. In addition, the Fed united with five other central banks to ensure dollars are available around the world via swap lines.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will hold a press conference at 6:30 p.m. Washington time to discuss the actions.

Mar 15, 2020

Zaha Hadid Saudi Arabia Architecture

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This architecture is out-of-this-world! 😲.

Mar 15, 2020

Astronomers discover scorching hot planet where it rains liquid iron

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On one particularly hot planet, hundreds of light-years away from Earth, the forecast is cloudy with a chance of liquid iron rain. Scientists recently discovered the bizarre exoplanet, which they referred to as one of the most “extreme” they’ve ever observed.

Using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), researchers observed an “ultra-hot” giant exoplanet, where temperatures can exceed 2,400 degrees Celsius during the day — hot enough to vaporize metals.

One face of the planet, its “day side,” is always facing its parent star and permanently roasting, while the cooler “night side” remains in constant darkness. Because of this, when strong winds push vaporized iron to the night side, it condenses into droplets, creating an iron rainstorm.