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Jul 9, 2019

Laser “pinging” shows promise for fast and cheap water testing

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Looking for impurities in drinking water or other liquids typically involves chemical analysis, which may be time-consuming. Now, however, scientists have created an inexpensive system in which light – that’s converted to sound – is used to instantly determine if water is safe to drink.

Jul 9, 2019

Characterizing the ‘arrow of time’ in open quantum systems

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Even in the strange world of open quantum systems, the arrow of time points steadily forward—most of the time. New experiments conducted at Washington University in St. Louis compare the forward and reverse trajectories of superconducting circuits called qubits, and find that they follow the second law of thermodynamics. The research is published July 9 in the journal Physical Review Letters.

“When you look at a quantum system, the act of measuring usually changes the way it behaves,” said Kater Murch, associate professor of physics in Arts & Sciences. “Imagine shining light on a small particle. The photons end up pushing it around and there is a dynamic associated with the measurement process alone.

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Jul 9, 2019

EVER Pharma Expands European Market for D-mine Pump for Parkinson’s

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Read more about D-mine Pump, a portable micro-infusion pump designed to continuously deliver therapies to patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Jul 9, 2019

AI Trained on Old Scientific Papers Makes Discoveries Humans Missed

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Scientists used machine learning to reveal new scientific knowledge hidden in old research papers.

Jul 9, 2019

This Circus Is Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals

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A German circus is using holograms instead of live animals 🎪.

Jul 9, 2019

Join the Singularity Prosperity Discord Server!

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In the last video in this series we discussed the ancient origins of artificial intelligence progressing forward to the beginnings of the development of modern computing based artificial intelligence, encompassing the philosophies, theories and inventions of many talented individuals and groups.

The focus of this video will continue right were the last one left off, so sit back, relax and join me on an exploration on the official birth of modern artificial intelligence leading to present day!

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Jul 9, 2019

Artificial Intelligence: A History

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What Is Big Data? & How Big Data Is Changing The World!

In this video, we’ll be discussing big data – more specifically, what big data is, the exponential rate of growth of data, how we can utilize the vast quantities of data being generated as well as the implications of linked data on big data.

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Jul 9, 2019

What Is Machine Learning (Supervised Learning) — Part 1

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning – these words lately have been used synonymously – but should they be?

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Jul 9, 2019

I’ll be speaking at Biohack the Planet this year

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I’m a actually really excited because I have a special surprise for everyone. Remember last year when I gave away all those stabs for free? This is even better.

How much better? I’m willing to smack a bunch of their links into my post here.

BTW, it’s in Vegas. I mean… C’mon.

Jul 9, 2019

Google DeepMind publishes breakthrough Artificial General Intelligence architecture

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On January 20th Google’s DeepMind division, the division behind a myriad of artificial intelligence (AI) firsts, quietly submitted a paper on Arxiv entitled “PathNet: Evolution Channels Gradient Descent in Super Neural Networks” that mostly went unnoticed.