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Aug 23, 2019

The Bentley From The Year 2035!

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I always wondered what the future of cars would look like, and now Bentley has given me a nice perspective.

This is the Bentley EXP100GT. It is one of the stand out cars from Pebble Beach this year! Come with me as I take you through the features and what their vision is for the next 100 years. This is also where you get to see the car drive autonomously!

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Aug 23, 2019

New song about life extension: Philosophic Warfare

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A new song from activists of the movement for indefinite life extension is out, from the album Faultline Shift.

The song is called Philosophic Warfare. It is a contemplation of the dismal reality of being trapped by death and what it all means followed by a change to affirmation of beating it.

It is true, we are always on the climb. Having kicked the grim reaper off its mountain, it is now itself on the defense, struggling to match our force.

Aug 23, 2019

Huge US government study to offer genetic counselling

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But to generate the kind of long-term data set necessary for breakthroughs in precision medicine — which uses genomic, physiological and other data to tailor treatments to individuals — All of Us must retain these participants, ideally throughout their lives. That’s where genetic counselling comes in.

A firm hired by the National Institutes of Health will work with participants in a research programme that plans to sequence one million genomes.

Aug 23, 2019

Plan for First US Mission to the Moon Since Apollo Landing

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Vulcan rocket on Bezos engines.

The first American spacecraft expected to land on the moon in nearly 50 years will be an unmanned robotic lander.

The aerospace company Astrobotic Technology told Reuters it expects to launch the spacecraft named Peregrine in the summer of 2021 from Florida’s Cape Canaveral. The company said Peregrine will be the first American spacecraft to land on the moon since Apollo astronauts last touched down there in 1972. The mission will bring technology and experiments to the moon to prepare for human flights by 2024.

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Aug 22, 2019

Cutting-edge robots showcased at Beijing’s 2019 World Robot Conference

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The 2019 World Robot Conference is held in Beijing, China from August 20 to 25, 2019. The 5th annual expo showcases over 700 exhibits of the latest robotic technologies with more than 21 industrial applications.


Aug 22, 2019

TeraWatt Technology solid-state battery prototype tests showing 432 kWh/kg

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TeraWatt Technology announced that its 4.5Ah prototype solid-state battery design achieved a record-breaking energy density of 432Wh/kg (1122Wh/L) in validation tests conducted by third parties, including TOYO System based in Japan.

Branded as TERA3.0, this 4.5Ah next-generation design will be available for select early adopters in 2021 and full release in 2022. TeraWatt Technology continues to further iterate the TERA3.0 line of design, as well as further develop additional designs including different cell formats, sizes and energy capacities.


Aug 22, 2019

Jair Bolsonaro claims NGOs behind Amazon forest fire surge – but provides no evidence

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Yes he really said this, yet he also said he wanted to use the Amazon for logging and agriculture. Personally I believe people who want to use the Amazon for commercial use are the biggest beneficiaries from such destruction, but I’m no expert.

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has accused environmental groups of setting fires in the Amazon as he tries to deflect growing international criticism of his failure to protect the world’s biggest rainforest.

A surge of fires in several Amazonian states this month followed reports that farmers were feeling emboldened to clear land for crop fields and cattle ranches because the new Brazilian government was keen to open up the region to economic activity.

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Aug 22, 2019

Scientists Just Used The Cosmos to Measure The Mass of a Ghost Particle

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How do you weigh a ghost? If you’re a cosmologist, you could use… the Universe. Combine vast cosmological data with info from particle accelerators, and, it turns out, you have a pretty good scale for measuring the mass of a neutrino — also known as the ‘ghost particle’.

This is how a team of scientists, for the first time, have set an upper limit on the mass of the lightest of the three different types of neutrino.

Neutrinos are peculiar little things. They are among the most abundant subatomic particles in the Universe, similar to electrons, but without a charge and almost massless. This means they interact very rarely with normal matter; in fact, billions are passing through your body right now.

Aug 22, 2019

Satoshi Nakamoto Dossier Reveals CIA Ponzi Scheme

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We turn our attention to the three-part “big reveal” of Satoshi Nakamoto and his 980,000 Bitcoin holding which is turning out to be nothing but a CIA Ponzi scheme. Listen to Betsy and Thomas explain why all of this is a hoax and read the” Satoshi Dossier” yourself.…zi-scheme/

If you currently own cryptos, this is an audio that we highly recommend.

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Aug 22, 2019

Planetoid Mines — A New Asteroid Mining Company

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Is a privately-owned startup based out of New Mexico, USA. Their team leans on expertise gained at NASA, the US Department of Energy, Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs, and the US Air Force. Planetoid Mines’ primary focus is developing the core components that enable asteroid mining. Many of their instruments and tools will be compatible with mining applications on the lunar surface and on Earth.

A lot of activity has been brewing with regards to new space exploration initiatives. Launch costs are plummeting due to market competition and the development of reusable rockets. Additionally, there has been a measurable uptick in growth and investment in commercial space ventures. Every major national space agency has ambitions for operations in lunar orbit and on the lunar surface within the next 5 to 20 years.