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Sep 23, 2023

Tesla Giga Texas is looking to employ 60k workers when Cybertruck ramps: report

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Jason Shawhan, Tesla’s director of manufacturing at Giga Texas, recently gave a rare talk about the facility’s existing operations and the company’s plans for the future. The executive shared the information during a keynote address at the State of Manufacturing conference and expo, which was held by the Austin Regional Manufacturers Association.

Tesla is the world’s most valuable automaker by market cap, and its CEO, Elon Musk, is one of the most visible chief executives in the auto industry. Despite this, Tesla has a reputation for being tight-lipped when it comes to the details of its operations. Rare appearances from high-ranking executives such as Shawhan, who serves as director of manufacturing at Gigafactory Texas, are therefore very interesting.

Shawhan did not disappoint, as he did share a number of important insights about the facility. As noted in a report from the Austin Business Journal, the executive confirmed that Giga Texas has become the second-largest private employer in the region because the factory currently employs over 20,000 workers today. This is a notable increase from the 12,277 employees that Tesla confirmed at the end of 2022. Considering Gigafactory Texas’ growth so far, it would appear that the facility would be outpacing Musk’s estimates.

Sep 23, 2023

Hear what surprised Neil DeGrasse Tyson about purported ‘alien’ corpses

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to so-called alien bodies brought out in front of Mexico’s Congress.

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Sep 23, 2023

Possible new treatment for agitation in Alzheimer’s patients

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It could be a new way to treat one of the more common and more frustrating symptoms of Alzheimer’s. A team at Johns Hopkins is leading a study on the drug, and you can get involved.

Sep 23, 2023

Dr. Peter Fleischut, M.D. — GSVP / Chief Information & Transformation Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

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Leveraging Technology For Innovative, Patient-Centered Clinical Care — Dr. Peter Fleischut, MD — Group Senior Vice President And Chief Information & Transformation Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Dr. Peter M. Fleischut, M.D., is Group Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Transformation Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian ( he oversees the strategic vision and management of enterprise information technology, lab operations, pharmacy operations, innovation, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and cybersecurity.

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Sep 23, 2023

Dr George Dodge — CEO & Co-Founder — Mechano-Therapeutics — Revolutionizing Musculoskeletal Health

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Revolutionizing Musculoskeletal Health Through Microcapsule Drug Delivery — Dr. @George R. Dodge, Ph.D. — CEO & Co-Founder — Mechano-Therapeutics LLC

Dr. George R. Dodge, Ph.D. is CEO & Co-Founder of Mechano-Therapeutics LLC (, a biotechnology company spun out from his lab, and the labs of his partners Dr. Rob Mauck and Dr. Daeyeon Lee, at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in microcapsule development using proprietary microfluidics for drug encapsulation, with a mission to revolutionize musculoskeletal health using an innovative platform technology to enhance delivery of therapeutics for improving patient outcomes.

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Sep 23, 2023

New approaches to the tech talent shortage

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We live in a tech-enabled world, but for organizations to advance world-changing innovations, they need skilled people who can build, install, and maintain the systems that underlie them. Finding that talent is one of the biggest ongoing problems — and opportunities — in tech.

Sep 23, 2023

P2PInfect botnet activity surges 600x with stealthier malware variants

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The P2PInfect botnet worm is going through a period of highly elevated activity volumes starting in late August and then picking up again in September 2023.

P2PInfect was first documented by Unit 42 in July 2023 as a peer-to-peer malware that breaches Redis instances using a remote code execution flaw on internet-exposed Windows and Linux systems.

Cado Security researchers who have been following the botnet since late July 2023, report today seeing global activity, with most breaches impacting systems in China, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, and Japan.

Sep 23, 2023

Unlocking Battery Mysteries: X-Ray “Computer Vision” Reveals Unprecedented Physical and Chemical Details

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It lets researchers extract pixel-by-pixel information from nanoscale.

The nanoscale refers to a length scale that is extremely small, typically on the order of nanometers (nm), which is one billionth of a meter. At this scale, materials and systems exhibit unique properties and behaviors that are different from those observed at larger length scales. The prefix “nano-” is derived from the Greek word “nanos,” which means “dwarf” or “very small.” Nanoscale phenomena are relevant to many fields, including materials science, chemistry, biology, and physics.

Sep 23, 2023

Groundbreaking Study Uncovers Origin of “Conscious Awareness”

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Living things act with purpose. But where does purpose come from? How do humans make sense of their relation to the world and realize their ability to effect change? These fundamental questions of agency – acting with purpose – have perplexed some of the greatest minds in history including Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Erwin Schrödinger, and Niels Bohr.

New research from Florida Atlantic University reveals groundbreaking insight into the origins of agency using an unusual and largely untapped source – human babies. Since goal-directed action appears in the first months of human life, the FAU research team used young infants as a test field to understand how spontaneous movement transforms into purposeful action.

For the study, infants began the experiment as disconnected observers. However, when researchers tethered one of the infants’ feet to a crib-mounted baby mobile, infants discovered they could make the mobile move. To catch this moment of realization like lightning in a bottle, researchers measured infant and mobile movement in 3D space using cutting-edge motion capture technology to uncover dynamic and coordinative features marking the “birth of agency.”

Sep 23, 2023

Unique New Material Could Generate More Computing Power and Memory Storage While Using Significantly Less Energy

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For the first time, a team from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has synthesized a thin film of a unique topological semimetal material that has the potential to generate more computing power and memory storage while using significantly less energy. Additionally, the team’s close examination of the material yielded crucial insights into the physics behind its unique properties.

The study was recently published in the journal Nature Communications.

<em>Nature Communications</em> is a peer-reviewed, open-access, multidisciplinary, scientific journal published by Nature Portfolio. It covers the natural sciences, including physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, and earth sciences. It began publishing in 2010 and has editorial offices in London, Berlin, New York City, and Shanghai.

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