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Dec 1, 2023

‘Triple Star’ Discovery could Revolutionize Understanding of Stellar Evolution

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A ground-breaking new discovery by University of Leeds scientists could transform the way astronomers understand some of the biggest and most common stars in the Universe.

Research by PhD student Jonathan Dodd and Professor René Oudmaijer, from the University’s School of Physics and Astronomy, points to intriguing new evidence that massive Be stars — until now mainly thought to exist in double stars — could in fact be “triples.”

The remarkable discovery could revolutionise our understanding of the objects — a subset of B stars — which are considered an important “test bed” for developing theories on how stars evolve more generally.

Dec 1, 2023

Autism: A view from neuroscience — A CCN public lecture

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Given by Dr. Caroline Robertson of the Dartmouth Autism Research Initiative, in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Sponsored by: Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Dartmouth.
Recorded October 18, 2018

Dec 1, 2023

Altered Neural Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Related Neuropsychiatric Conditions

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Dec 1, 2023

Researchers invent new way to stretch diamond for better quantum bits

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A future quantum network may become less of a stretch thanks to researchers at the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and Cambridge University.

A team of researchers announced a breakthrough in quantum network engineering. By “stretching” thin films of diamond, they created that can operate with significantly reduced equipment and expense. The change also makes the bits easier to control.

The researchers hope the findings, published Nov. 29 in Physical Review X, can make future quantum networks more feasible.

Dec 1, 2023

A Tiny Particle Accelerator Just Achieved a Major Energy Milestone

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Particle accelerators are hugely useful in scientific research, but – like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – usually take up vast amounts of room. A remarkable new system developed at the University of Texas in Austin could change this.

In experiments, researchers were able to use their particle accelerator to generate an electron beam with an energy of 10 billion electron volts (10 GeV) in a chamber measuring just 10 centimeters (4 inches).

The complete instrument measures 20 meters (66 feet) from end to end. In comparison, other particle accelerators that can generate 10 GeV beams are some 3 kilometers (almost 2 miles) in length – about 150 times as long.

Dec 1, 2023

Detroit’s newest road can charge electric cars as they travel on it

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Detroit is now home to the country’s first stretch of road that can wirelessly charge an electric vehicle (EV), whether it’s parked or moving.

Why it matters: Wireless charging on an electrified roadway could remove one of the biggest hassles of owning an EV: the need to stop and plug in regularly.

Dec 1, 2023

AI Has Achieved Escape Velocity

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No governance mechanism can contain it nor stop the progress towards AGI.

Dec 1, 2023

A Neptune-mass exoplanet in close orbit around a very low-mass star challenges formation models

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Science 382, 1031–1035 (2023). DOI:10.1126/science.abo0233

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Dec 1, 2023

Massive exoplanet orbiting small star upends planet formation theories

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Astronomers have found a massive planet orbiting a small, cool star, and planet formation theories struggle to explain its existence.

Dec 1, 2023

A Google AI has discovered 2.2m materials unknown to science

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Zillions of possible crystals exist. AI can help catalogue them | Science & technology.

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