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Nov 27, 2022

A Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Just Cracked Time Travel—Here’s How It’s Possible

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Nov 18, 2022

The Future of Human Civilization (2022 — 3355 AD)

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In this video, we’ll sit down in our time machine and go forward a few millenniums into the future, to see where we would be progressing as a civilization.

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Nov 11, 2022

Experiments Deliver Superposition Of Photon Going Forward And Backward In Time

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Two different groups have tested a seemingly counter-intuitive property of the quantum world: That it’s possible to put a photon, a particle of light, in a superposition of states going forward and backward in time. This is not time travel and won’t lead to communicating with the past – but it is an intriguing demonstration of how time can be thought to work at a quantum level.

Unless you have a TARDIS or a DeLorean, time only flows in one direction (forward) for us. This annoying little fact that protects us from all sorts of paradoxes is called the arrow of time. It is believed to be related to the concept of entropy (which always increases in an isolated system like the universe) but it doesn’t seem to be as fundamental at the quantum level.

Instead, something that appears to be fundamental is the so-called CPT symmetry (charge, parity, and time reversal symmetry). This holds for all physical phenomena, and if a combination of two of them is violated (such as famously the CP violations) there ought to be a violation in time symmetry as well.

Oct 23, 2022

5 Science Fiction Movies That Actually Have Science Fiction in Them

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Many modern science fiction movies tend to use the veneer of science fiction as a way to plug potholes or feature elaborate explosions and action. There’s always a time-travel portal to stand in as the deus ex machina, and some advanced robot or alien who only seems interested in killing everyone.

I like those movies as much as the next fella. But some filmmakers do make a sincere effort to imagine other realities and technologies that inspire in the way classic science fiction does. It doesn’t mean the films have to be the on-screen equivalent of reading an MIT paper on quantum entanglement or something, just that they spin a decent yarn inspired by actual science.

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Oct 14, 2022

Time Travel Movies Rely on the ‘Bootstrap Paradox.’ It Could Explain Real-Life Destiny

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It may not be as famous as the so-called “grandfather paradox,” but that doesn’t make the idea of an infinite causal loop any less troubling… or fascinating.

Oct 12, 2022

Time travel enthusiast says machine can be made but passengers face a dark fate

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A time travel enthusiast may just have found a way to create a time machine, but passengers that go inside it face a dark fate. The idea of a time machine was discussed on the Time Travel Facebook page, which boats a healthy 32.5k members. In the social media group, many ideas are discussed surrounding time travel, with many of them being outlandish and instantly dismissed.

Oct 7, 2022

Paradox-free time travel is “logically” possible, say physicists

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An undergraduate and his supervisor ran the numbers and found paradox-free time travel to be mathematically consistent.

Oct 7, 2022

Before the Big Bang 6: Can the Universe Create Itself?

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Richard Gott, co author with Neil De Grasse Tyson of “Welcome to The Universe” argues the key to understanding the origin of the universe may be the concept of closed time like curves. These are solutions to Einstein’s theory that may allow time travel into the past. in this film, Richard Gott of Princeton University explains the model he developed with LIxin Li. Gott explores the possibility of a closed time like curve forming in the early universe and how this might lead to the amazing property of the universe being able to create itself. Gott is one of the leading experts in time travel solution to Einstein’s equations and is author of the book “Time Travel In Einstein’s Universe”.
This film is part of a series of films exploring competing models of th early universe with the creators of those models. We have interviewed Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Alan Guth and many other leaders of the field. To see other episodes, click on the link below:

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Oct 4, 2022

Time travel could be possible, but only with parallel timelines

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This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Have you ever made a mistake…

Sep 28, 2022

Scientists Successfully Sent A Particle Back in Time, Is Human Time Travel Next?

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