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Nov 14, 2018

5 Technologies Bringing Healthcare Systems into the Future

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If you think you’ve got a bad case of the travel bug, get this: Dr. John Halamka travels 400,000 miles a year. That’s equivalent to fully circling the globe 16 times.

Halamka is chief information officer at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a professor at Harvard Medical School, and a practicing emergency physician. In a talk at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine last week, Halamka shared what he sees as the biggest healthcare problems the world is facing, and the most promising technological solutions from a systems perspective.

“In traveling 400,000 miles you get to see lots of different cultures and lots of different people,” he said. “And the problems are really the same all over the world. Maybe the cultural context is different or the infrastructure is different, but the problems are very similar.”

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Nov 12, 2018

Ray Kurzweil — The Path to The Singularity

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Nov 5, 2018

Are We Prepared For This… (See This Before it is Deleted 2018–2019)

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Artificial intelligence: the singularity as the road to dystopia

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Oct 25, 2018

What Will Happen After The Technological Singularity Ray Kurzweil

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Oct 7, 2018

On Finally Understanding The Matrix Sequels

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The Singularity is Near.

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Sep 30, 2018

Virtual and augmented reality will change our sense of a shared reality

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As the artificial brain races towards the singularity, what we often forget is the boost to human brainpower that will accompany it. As we increase our senses and perceptions, humans have a choice what to do with these new superpowers, that can be used to reinforce one’s tunnel vision of life or to ignore it.

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Not everyone experiences the world in the same way. Whether it’s how you react to the results of an election or what tones you hear in a sound clip, observable reality is often not as objective as you think it is.

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Sep 15, 2018

Roadmap of technological singularity

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Recently, we might often have heard of the term “technological singularity” with the hypothesis that accelerating progress in technological inventions will cause a runaway effect that will make ordinary humans someday be overtaken by artificial intelligence.

The term seems to be appeared very contemporary to this technology era but in fact, thought about singularity has a long philosophical history.

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Sep 12, 2018

Trailhead Photo

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Lord Dunsany & The Power of Myth ~zsarg #zerostate #transhuman #posthuman #singularity # #metaverse

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Sep 11, 2018

Countdown to The Singularity [Affiliate]

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What are the breakthroughs we can expect on our countdown to the Singularity? Peter Diamandis shares twelve of the fifty he compiled.

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Sep 5, 2018

The Omega Point Cosmo-Teleology: Our Forgotten Future (The Origins of Us, Part III)

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In my life as a human, I see clues that evolution on Earth and elsewhere in the cosmos at large is not being pushed from behind in entropic randomness but being pulled forward by complexification, natural selection and other evolutionary forces orchestrated by a strange unseen teleological attractor, in McKenna’s words “the Transcendental Object” at the end of time. One may see significant overlapping ideas between the transhumanist Technological Singularity and the Teilhardian Omega Point. The coming Technological Singularity could unravel one of the deepest mysteries of fractal hyperreality: consciousness alternating from pluralities to singularities and from singularities back to pluralities. We are already immortal, but the forthcoming Syntellect Emergence when your mind is digitized, will preserve some of your organic memories if you so desire, and most importantly, will ensure the continuity of your subjectivity into the higher realms of existence. #LifeboatFoundation

By Alex Vikoulov.


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