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Jul 21, 2017

Bringing neural networks to cellphones

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MIT researchers have developed a tool for modeling neural networks, which leads to methods for reducing their energy consumption by 73 percent — making it feasible for them to run on cellphones rather than in the cloud.

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Jul 21, 2017

China says it’ll be world AI leader by 2025

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China today announced plans to become the global leader in AI research and development. It will increase government spending on core AI programs to $22 billion in the next few years, with plans to spend nearly $60 billion per year by 2025.

The announcement sends a clear message: this is the age of artificial intelligence. Reuters reports the Chinese government will soon put forth AI regulations in areas concerning safety, implementation, and control. The US issued a similar statement last year in a White House review of the future of AI.

The US and China lead the field in both private-sector and government spending on machine-learning, though experts have said China’s deep-learning programs have over-taken US-led research in scope and volume.

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Jul 21, 2017

For $80 you can give your PC an Intel neural network brain

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The $80 Movidius Neural Compute Stick is tuned for tinkerers and engineers who want to give neural network technology a whirl.

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Jul 21, 2017

FreedomFest 2017: Eric Shuss, Ed Hudgins, Peter Voss, Zoltan Istvan, Gennady Stolyarov; Michael Shermer (mod) Artificial Intelligence & Robots: Economy of the Future or End of Free Markets?

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If you’re at FreedomFest today, please come to the 2:30PM panel on AI I’m on (Vendome C). I’ll be partially discussing my Federal Land Dividend (#Libertarian #basicincome plan).Great line-up of panelists: Michael Shermer, Peter Voss, Edward Hudgins, Gennady Stolyarov, & Eric Shuss.

Of speaker…ee-markets #transhumanism

View more about this event at FreedomFest 2017.

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Jul 21, 2017

Giving a push for in-space propulsion

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It’s a technology looking for a new mission.

The technology is solar electric propulsion (SEP), which NASA has identified in recent years as a key enabler for eventual human missions to Mars. SEP, the agency argued, could be used to propel cargo missions to Mars in advance of crewed missions much more efficiently than conventional chemical propulsion systems.

High-power SEP was to be tested in interplanetary space on the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), powering the robotic spacecraft that would travel to a near Earth asteroid, grab a boulder off its surface, and fly back to cislunar space. However, NASA announced earlier this year it planned to cancel ARM, and Congress, never much of a fan of the mission, has shown no signs of opposing it.

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Jul 21, 2017

World dominance in three steps: China sets out road map to lead in artificial intelligence by 2030

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Government finance will lead the way in AI research, including the development of supercomputers, and high performance semiconductor chips, software and the hiring of key talent to lead the field, China’s science and technology minister Wan Gang said in March during the country’s parliamentary meeting.

The Chinese government’s July 8 plan aims to keep pace with AI technology by 2020, make major breakthroughs by 2025, and lead the world in AI by 2030.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 July, 2017, 1:28pm.

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Jul 20, 2017

Autonomous Cars: The Ultimate Job Creator?

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In our last film, we explored how the introduction of autonomous, self-driving cars is likely to kill a lot of jobs. Many millions of jobs, in fact. But is it short sighted to view self-driving vehicles as economic murderers? Is it possible that we got it totally wrong, and automated vehicles won’t be Grim Reapers — but rather the biggest job creators since the internet?

In this video series, the Galactic Public Archives takes bite-sized looks at a variety of terms, technologies, and ideas that are likely to be prominent in the future. Terms are regularly changing and being redefined with the passing of time. With constant breakthroughs and the development of new technology and other resources, we seek to define what these things are and how they will impact our future.

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Jul 20, 2017

Amazon patented a fleet of robots that can charge your phone and sell you things

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Why fight to charge your phone at a public outlet when a robot could do it for you?

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Jul 19, 2017

Self-Driving Cars Get Boost With Unanimous Vote

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Congress took the first step toward setting rules for self-driving cars, as a House panel unanimously approved a measure that would allow thousands of automated vehicles to hit the road while federal regulators develop safety standards and preempt state rules.

The legislation garnered bipartisan support after Republican leaders adopted Democratic proposals for provisions to bolster safety oversight of self-driving vehicles by federal regulators.

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Jul 19, 2017

A Son’s Race to Give His Dying Father Artificial Immortality

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So I am anxious to explain the idea to my parents. The purpose of the Dadbot, I tell them, would simply be to share my father’s life story in a dynamic way. Given the limits of current technology and my own inexperience as a programmer, the bot will never be more than a shadow of my real dad. That said, I would want the bot to communicate in his distinctive manner and convey at least some sense of his personality. “What do you think?” I ask.

For months, he recorded his dying father’s life story. Then he used it to re-create his dad as an AI.

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