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Dec 22, 2023

Chinese brain warfare includes sleep weapons, thought control

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I dont know about sleep weapons, it s possible probably. More concerning to me, i read a paper 20+ years back about cell towers and cell phone frequencies as a possible tool for mind control, some way connected to frequency of human brain.

China’s military is developing advanced psychological warfare and brain-influencing weapons as part of a new warfighting strategy, according to a report on People’s Liberation Army cognitive warfare.

The report, “Warfare in the Cognitive Age: NeuroStrike and the PLA’s Advanced Psychological Weapons and Tactics,” was published earlier this month by The CCP Biothreats Initiative, a research group.

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Dec 20, 2023

Apple’s immersive next-gen CarPlay will start with Porsche and Aston Martin

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2024 vehicles from high-end automakers will get the first taste of Apple’s “cohesive design experience that is the very best of your car and your iPhone.”

FYI, just in case you’re car shopping.

Dec 18, 2023

Dendrocentric AI Could Run on Watts, Not Megawatts

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Electronics that mimic the treelike branches that form the network neurons use to communicate with each other could lead to artificial intelligence that no longer requires the megawatts of power available in the cloud. AI will then be able to run on the watts that can be drawn from the battery in a smartphone, a new study suggests.

As the brain-imitating AI systems known as neural networks grow in size and power, they are becoming more expensive and energy-hungry. For instance, to train its state-of-the-art neural network GPT-3, OpenAI spent US $4.6 million to run 9,200 GPUs for two weeks. Generating the energy that GPT-3 consumed during training released as much carbon as 1,300 cars would have spewed from their tailpipes over the same time, says study author Kwabena Boahen, a neuromorphic engineer at Stanford University, in California.

Now Boahen proposes a way for AI systems to boost the amount of information conveyed in each signal they transmit. This could reduce both the energy and space they currently demand, he says.

Dec 18, 2023

Quantum batteries could charge by breaking our understanding of time

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Causality is key to our experience of reality: dropping a glass, for example, causes it to smash, so it can’t smash before it’s dropped. But in the quantum world those rules don’t necessarily apply, and scientists have now demonstrated how that weirdness can be harnessed to charge a quantum battery.

In a sense, you could say that quantum batteries are powered by paradoxes. On paper, they work by storing energy in the quantum states of atoms and molecules – but of course, as soon as the word “quantum” enters the conversation you know weird stuff is about to happen. In this case, a new study has found that quantum batteries could work by violating cause-and-effect as we know it.

“Current batteries for low-power devices, such as smartphones or sensors, typically use chemicals such as lithium to store charge, whereas a quantum battery uses microscopic particles like arrays of atoms,” said Yuanbo Chen, an author of the study. “While chemical batteries are governed by classical laws of physics, microscopic particles are quantum in nature, so we have a chance to explore ways of using them that bend or even break our intuitive notions of what takes place at small scales. I’m particularly interested in the way quantum particles can work to violate one of our most fundamental experiences, that of time.”

Dec 17, 2023

The Download: beyond CRISPR, and OpenAI’s superalignment findings

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Plus: a marketing group says it can listen to consumer conversations through their phones.

Dec 17, 2023

Recognizing Digital Addiction with Anna Lembke

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On this episode, learn about digital addiction, and the symptoms of technology addiction with our guest Anna Lembke is a psychiatrist currently working as the Chief of Addiction Medicine at Stanford’s Dual Diagnosis clinic. She was recently interviewed for the Social Dilemma, the amazing Netflix documentary exploring the dangers of social media. On this episode, we really dive deep into the heart of digital addiction—the symptoms of technology addiction, how it starts, how it controls our behavior, and how to escape its magnetic pull. But more specifically, we explore the role of social media and smartphones, and how these tools are hijacking our evolutionary drive for novelty, pleasure, exploration, and connection with other human beings.

Dec 16, 2023

How To Reset Your Brain’s Dopamine Balance

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Anna Lembke is a psychiatrist who is Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic at Stanford University and an author. Dopamine is a key neurotransmitter in our reward pathway. It tells us when to feel pleasure and pain, it can cause depression and anxiety, and it’s being hijacked by the modern world. Phones, video games, porn, food, our world is filled with cheap dopamine, which in turn is making us miserable. Expect to learn how dopamine creates a see-saw balance of pleasure and pain, why cravings to use your phone are driven by dopamine, the truth about dopamine detoxing, how to reset your brain’s dopamine balance, the most successful interventions for changing your relationship to dopamine long term and much more…

Dec 13, 2023

Scientists develop transparent wood for smartphone screens, windows

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Its potential uses range from ultra-durable smartphone screens to soft, luminous light fixtures.

In pursuit of this objective, researchers have devised innovative strategies for modifying wood in recent years, imbuing it with new capabilities.

These advancements open the door to potentially substituting conventional, non-renewable, petroleum-based materials in diverse applications, including automobiles, energy storage, construction, and environmental remediation. This shift signifies a departure from the traditional domains of construction and paper industries for wood.

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Dec 12, 2023

Ukraine’s Kyivstar Says It Faces ‘Powerful’ Cyberattack

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Ukraine’s largest mobile phone operator said Russia was most likely behind a “powerful” cyberattack that disrupted phone and internet services Tuesday for about 24 million people in the country.

The cyberattack, the largest to strike Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began nearly two years ago, took down ATMs and digital banking services, disabled some air raid sirens, and hampered broader cellular service across Ukraine.

“This is definitely a cyberattack and the probability that Russian entities are behind it is very close to 100%,” Oleksandr Komarov, chief executive officer of Kyivstar GSM JSC, told Bloomberg by phone.

Dec 11, 2023

This smartphone challenges the industry with its focus on sustainability

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Fairphone promises five Android version upgrades and at least eight years of security updates to achieve a total lifespan of a decade. Whether its performance will remain adequate for all users’ needs throughout that time remains to be seen.

What the industry can learn

In a world dominated by disposable electronics, the Fairphone 5 stands out. The Fairphone 5 offers a different excitement – the thrill of a phone built to last. With its modular design, long-term software support, and commitment to sustainability, the Fairphone 5 is a game-changer for anyone who wants a smartphone that’s both good for their pocket and the planet. While the EU is pushing for a removable battery for all smartphones by 2027, making USB-C already a standard, more needs to be done.

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