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Aug 29, 2022

Elon Musk Says ‘Um’ 20 Times in a 5-Minute Speech. Here’s How He Could Fix It–and So Can You

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A new startup named Yoodli built a free website that will analyze your speech and help you improve.

Aug 29, 2022

Jack Dorsey reveals his biggest regret about Twitter

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“The biggest issue and my biggest regret is that it became a company,” Dorsey tweeted in response to a question about whether Twitter turned out the way he had envisioned.

The 45-year-old Dorsey stands to receive $978 million if the agreement for billionaire Elon Musk to buy Twitter is completed.

When asked about what structure he wished Twitter would operate under, Dorsey said that it should be “a protocol” and that Twitter should not be owned by a state or another company.

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Aug 28, 2022

Tesla shares new photos of the Tesla Semi. Delivery soon?👀

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Tesla shared some new photos of the Tesla Semi on its website recently. Deliveries of Tesla’s all-electric Class 8 truck are expected to start sometime this year. It is also expected to be made with Tesla’s 4,680 cells. Earlier this month, Elon Musk said that Tesla’s 500-mile range Semi Truck will start shipping this year. He added that the Cybertruck would start shipping next year.

Today on Twitter, members of the Tesla community found new photos of the Semi that Tesla quietly uploaded to its website. @Tesla_Adri pointed out that Tesla added some new Tesla Semi press photos and that almost every image is new.

Tesla reworked the Tesla Semi Press Photos. Pretty much every image is new

Aug 28, 2022

The billionaire owns a small three-bedroom house

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Billionaire Elon Musk is known for being frugal. In June of 2021, he tweeted about living in a tiny house, stating: “My primary home is literally a ~$50k house in Boca Chica / Starbase that I rent from SpaceX. It’s kinda awesome though.”

That home is so small that it does not even have space for his mom when she visits. As such, the matriarch has to sleep in the garage.

@MattWallace888 My primary home is literally a ~$50k house in Boca Chica / Starbase that I rent from SpaceX. It’s kinda awesome though.

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Aug 28, 2022

The Technological Singularity is Near

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This video will address the hypothesis that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and neurotechnology could trigger a technological singularity. The singularity could involve the development of artificial intelligence (AI) that is superior to human intelligence, effectively blurring or perhaps removing the distinction between humans and machines.

There is no agreement on when artificial superintelligence will be achieved. Still, one thing is sure: we need to think about our collective goals before the alarming trend of technological singularity makes them irrelevant. Whether powered by AI or some other technical method, the singularity will result in a technological tsunami that will pose unprecedented challenges to human civilization and the physical world on all scales.

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Aug 28, 2022

Technoking of Tesla Elon Musk to speak at ONS Conference

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Tesla’s Technoking Elon Musk is scheduled to speak at the ONS 2022 Conference along with a few world leaders and energy company CEOs.

Aug 28, 2022

Elon Musk says remote workers are just pretending to work. Turns out he’s (sort of) right

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New data from Qatalag and GitLab puts a number on it: Knowledge workers waste an extra 67 minutes online each day doing menial tasks for the express purpose of proving to their managers and colleagues that they’re available and working.

It’s taking a strain. The survey polled 2,000 knowledge workers and found that more than half of them (54%) reported feeling pressure to show their online status by replying to emails and Slack messages, adding comments to Google Docs, or updating project management tools.

It’s a new twist in the developing saga of remote work, and it shows that escaping the culture of presenteeism isn’t as simple as escaping the (physical) office.

Aug 27, 2022

Neuralink will probably not be wanted

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was a recent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and during the episode, he discussed, among other things, neural technology. During his conversation, Zuckerberg remarked that Elon Musk’s Neuralink would probably not be popular in the next 10–15 years because “normal people” would not want to have devices implanted in their brains that are made of non-mature technology.

Zuckerberg admitted that Meta is researching neural interface tech as part of the company’s push into the metaverse, though he also noted that the tech company is focusing on innovations that can receive signals from the brain but does not send any information back to it.

In later comments, the Meta CEO noted that companies like Elon Musk’s Neuralink, which is developing a device that can be implanted into people’s skulls, is taking neural technology “super far-off.” Neuralink’s implant is designed to record and stimulate brain activity, which Musk has stated could help people address conditions such as obesity.

Aug 26, 2022

Scientists Just Created New Way to Make Rocket Fuel From Methane on Mars

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Circa 2021 face_with_colon_three

Researchers have found a new way to convert methane into rocket fuel on Mars — adding crucial flexibility to future astronaut missions to the Red Planet, according to a recent blog post on the University of California, Irvine’s (UCI’s) official website.


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Aug 26, 2022

T‑Mobile Takes Coverage Above and Beyond With SpaceX

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Ending cellular dead zones in the U.S. is the ultimate goal.

Cellular service provider T-Mobile has teamed up with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to provide universal coverage using the constellation of Starlink satellites, a press release reveals.

Cellular services have gone through many iterations since their first roll-out. Most countries around the world are currently seeing a roll-out of the fifth generation (5G) of mobile connections that allows the bandwidth for high-speed gaming and streaming high-definition videos.

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