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Jul 19, 2024

Neuralink is building a $14.7M site in Austin, TX

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink company is building a $14.7 million site in Austin, Texas.

According to MYSA, Neuralink plans to build new offices in Central Texas. A recent filing with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) revealed that Neuralink’s new offices will be at 2,200 Caldwell Lane, Del Valle, TX 78617.

The filings also hint that Neuralink is working on a multi-building campus within a property that stretches 37 acres. The property is located 20 minutes away from Tesla Giga Texas.

Jul 18, 2024

Wrong about Mars again!! Radiation not as deadly as Elon Musk’s critics originally thought!

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When Elon’s critics say that Mars colonization is impossible, citing radiation as the main threat. They could not be more wrong…#space #nasa #mars Please…

Jul 15, 2024

Elon Musk Says SpaceX Making ‘Important’ Design Changes To Starship Ahead Of Its Fifth Test Flight

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Jul 13, 2024

Elon Musk’s Plan to Put a Million Earthlings on Mars in 20 Years

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Over the last year, he has also ramped up work on what will happen if he gets there.

Mr. Musk, 53, has directed SpaceX employees to drill into the design and details of a Martian city, according to five people with knowledge of the efforts and documents viewed by The New York Times. One team is drawing up plans for small dome habitats, including the materials that could be used to build them. Another is working on spacesuits to combat Mars’s hostile environment, while a medical team is researching whether humans can have children there. Mr. Musk has volunteered his sperm to help seed a colony, two people familiar with his comments said.

Jul 12, 2024

Get Ready for Optimus 2.0! Tesla’s Humanoid Robot is Leveling Up

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Elon Musk teased the next iteration of Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus 2.0 on X recently.

“The new Optimus design, which will be complete later this year, is something special,” Musk replied to an X post.

In June, Tesla shared a few updates about Optimus and the milestones the humanoid robot has reached over the past year. According to Tesla, Optimus has already undergone three major design revisions. The humanoid robot’s hand were revised four times in the last two years.

Jul 12, 2024

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterates single FSD stack update for V12.5.x

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Musk seemed to acknowledge the issue, though he also hinted at upcoming improvements to FSD’s highway performance. “12.5.x will finally combine the city and highway software stacks,” Musk wrote.

This is not the first time that Elon Musk mentioned a single FSD stack for both inner city and highway driving. Back in May, Musk estimated that FSD V12.5 should be out in late June, and the update should see some notable improvements.

Jul 11, 2024

Tesla Robotaxi unveiling event pushed back from August: report

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CEO Elon Musk teased it in April for the first time, and it was set to bring unprecedented momentum to the company’s years of development of Full Self-Driving and fully autonomous driving technologies.

However, Tesla is not quite ready to roll out the Robotaxi prototypes.

First reported by Bloomberg, Tesla is said to need more time to build the first units of the Robotaxi. Because it is built upon the automaker’s next-generation platform, which is to blame for the company’s lack of growth in 2024, more development is needed.

Jul 11, 2024

China to ramp up brain chip program after teaching monkey to control robot

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The country’s current progress appears to be on par with Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

China has created a committee to steer the nation’s development of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), with the hope of becoming the global leader in brain chip technology.

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Jul 6, 2024

Elon Musk’s liquid-cooled ‘Gigafactory’ AI data centers get a plug from Supermicro CEO — Tesla and xAI’s new supercomputers will have 350,000 Nvidia GPUs, both will be online within months

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The massive data centers use liquid cooling for top performance.

Jul 6, 2024

Tesla’s Elon Musk posts video update of Giga Texas supercomputer cluster

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As noted by Musk in his update, Tesla is just finalizing the construction of Giga Texas’ supercomputer cluster. He also noted that the electric vehicle maker would be attempting to get the supercomputer cluster online in the coming months. The cluster is expected to further accelerate the progress of Tesla’s FSD efforts, which is crucial for the rollout of the company’s dedicated Robotaxi, which will be unveiled on August 8, 2024.

While Musk was all work in his Giga Texas update during Independence Day, he also took some time to poke fun at Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg, who posted a video of himself wakeboarding in a suit and sunglasses, sipping some beer, and holding up an American flag to celebrate the Fourth of July. Zuckerburg’s video went viral, with social media users noting that it made the Meta CEO very likable and cool.

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