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Dec 18, 2022

Get ready for a ‘polar plunge.’ The first week of winter brings snow and bitterly cold temperatures

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Astronomical winter officially begins this Wednesday and Jack Frost will arrive in full force.

Temperatures will take a polar plunge this week, and even Florida won’t be spared, thanks to a strong high-pressure system sliding south from Canada.

“Very cold Arctic air masses will envelop much of the central and eastern half of the nation during the two week period, including the busy holiday travel season,” the Climate Prediction Center said.

Dec 14, 2022

Visa to invest $1B in Africa over the next five years

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Global payments giant Visa says it will invest $1 billion by 2027 to expand its investments in Africa amidst a digital payments boom on the continent.

Visa chief Al Kelly announced this pledge on Wednesday during the U.S.-Africa Business Forum, a sub-event in the broader U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, a three-day event where U.S. President Joe Biden invited heads of state and senior government officials from Africa to discuss several issues ranging from food security to climate change.

“Visa has been investing in Africa for several decades to grow a truly local business, and today our commitment to the continent remains as firm and unwavering as ever,” said the Visa CEO in a statement.

Dec 14, 2022

Earth’s hidden stabilizing mechanism may help keep the planet habitable

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A new study finds that Earth’s “stabilizing feedback” keeps global temperatures in check.

Researchers find Earth has a “stabilizing feedback” mechanism. The mechanism of “silicate weather” helps regulate the planet’s carbon cycle.

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Dec 14, 2022

Dr. Tobias Reichmuth, Ph.D. — Maximon — Structuring, Financing & Growing Novel Longevity Ventures

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Structuring, Financing & Growing Novel Longevity Ventures — Dr. Tobias Reichmuth Ph.D., Founding Partner, Maximon

Dr. Tobias Reichmuth, Ph.D. is Founding Partner at Maximon (, The Longevity Company Builder, which empowers entrepreneurs to build impactful, science-based and scalable companies providing healthy aging and rejuvenation solutions.

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Dec 13, 2022

Fusion breakthrough is a milestone for climate, clean energy

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Scientists announced Tuesday that they have for the first time produced more energy in a fusion reaction than was used to ignite it—a major breakthrough in the decades-long quest to harness the process that powers the sun.

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California achieved the result last week, the Energy Department said. Known as a net energy gain, the goal has been elusive because fusion happens at such high temperatures and pressures that it is incredibly difficult to control.

The breakthrough will pave the way for advancements in national defense and the future of clean power, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and other officials said.

Dec 13, 2022

A Dutch startup uses Bitcoin mining to grow tulips in the Netherlands

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A Dutch entrepreneur is helping to fight climate change rather unexpectedly — by using cryptocurrency mining to grow tulips!

In a modern twist, the Dutch are using bitcoin mining to reap an age-old bounty — tulips! Known for centuries as one of their most iconic cash crops, these beloved flowers now have another purpose in Holland: powering cryptocurrency.

The idea is so promising that even philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb has compared bitcoin mining in greenhouses to his concept of the “black swan” event. Despite the comparisons to Tulipmania, Koning believes that Dutch agriculturalists could benefit greatly from bitcoin mining in the years ahead.

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Dec 13, 2022

Scientists can learn a great deal about Martian dust devils only

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Dust devils have played crucial roles in Mars rover missions.

Scientists analyzed the sound recordings of a Martian dust devil traveling across Mars’ ancient lakebed, the Jezero crater, for the first time. The researchers carried out an analysis of multi-sensor data that suggested the dust devil was more than 118 meters (387 feet) tall. As per a press statement, the findings may improve our understanding of surface changes, dust storms, and climate variability on Mars, which may have implications for space exploration.


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Dec 12, 2022

Video streaming as polluting as driving? See the new calculations

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Could video streaming be as bad for the climate as driving a car? Calculating Internet’s hidden carbon footprint.

We are used to thinking that going digital means going green. While that is true for some activities — for example, making a video call to the other side of the ocean is better than flying there — the situation is subtler in many other cases. For example, driving a small car to the movie theatre with a friend may have lower carbon emissions than streaming the same movie alone at home.

How do we reach this conclusion? Surprisingly, making these estimates is fairly complicated.

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Dec 12, 2022

Continued Growth In Weather-related Technology Fuels 2023 Forecasting Trends

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The science of meteorology has taken tremendous strides in the past two decades thanks to a confluence of several inputs: improved computing power; better modeling of data; more observational data points ranging from the device in your hand to the satellites orbiting earth; and advanced data science applications. As recently as two decades ago, providing an accurate forecast three to four days out was considered innovative. Today a five-day forecast is accurate about 80 percent of the time. Most weather experts are predicting even more extended accuracy by 2030 with the application of artificial intelligence for numerical weather prediction output. But beyond improving accuracy, here are a few other forecasting trends to watch in 2023.

Hyper-relevant Forecasting

Just like other sets of analytics have become more tailored, or localized to the user, weather intelligence is bringing forecast relevancy to an individual organization or entity. A business can determine which risks are most significant to their operations, such as wind gusts, lightning, heavy rains, and ice accretion, and then be alerted when those risk thresholds are met. While there’s growing use among utilities, municipalities and other infrastructure decision makers, hyper-relevant forecasting is growing in other sectors. For example, by combining weather data with purchasing trends and consumer demand data, one grocery chain learned that even a small change in temperature can result in a significant shift in what people buy. The store improved its revenues by modeling this impact and managing inventory accordingly. Even sports teams are applying hyper-relevant forecasting for everything from daily stadium operations to food and beverage decisions and strategic game plays.

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Dec 12, 2022

The World-Changing Race to Develop the Quantum Computer

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Such a device could help address climate change and food scarcity, or break the Internet. Will the U.S. or China get there first?

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