Jun 21, 2024

Subcutaneous Versus IV Nivolumab for Kidney Cancer

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For people with advanced kidney cancer, an injectable form of nivolumab (Opdivo) is a suitable alternative to the original intravenous form, early results from a clinical trial have shown. Experts say the injectable form makes the treatment quicker and easier for patients to receive.

As a result, “patients’ treatment experience will be significantly improved,” said the trial’s leader, Saby George, M.D., of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY.

The clinical trial involved nearly 500 people with advanced or metastatic kidney cancer. All participants were randomly assigned to receive a new form of nivolumab that is given as injection under the skin (subcutaneous) or the original form, which is given through a vein (an intravenous infusion, or IV).

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