Jun 20, 2024

How to Defeat Aging? Two Scientists Offer Their Visions

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In a much-anticipated debate, prominent aging researchers Aubrey de Grey and Peter Fedichev presented their competing, but also overlapping, theories.

When the non-profits Foresight Institute, Open Longevity, and Say Forever had the idea to hold debates on the best strategy to defeat aging, there was little question about whom they should invite first. Aubrey de Grey, head of LEV Foundation and one of the faces of the longevity field, and Peter Fedichev, CEO of Gero and a rising star in the same field, already had an impromptu debate last year in Zuzalu, the longevity/crypto/AI-themed pop-up city in Montenegro. I had the honor to witness that clash of titans, which kept a small but dedicated crowd on its toes for more than two hours.

The impromptu debate in Zuzalu. Photo: Arkadi Mazin.

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