Jun 20, 2024

Electric Vehicles Could Soon Recharge in 10 Minutes, BYD and CATL on the Verge of Breakthrough

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Battery technology is undergoing a rapid evolution. Recent years have seen significant improvements in both range and charging speed for EVs. BYD and CATL’s upcoming batteries are the latest example, aiming to revolutionize charging times. These companies are reportedly set to debut their ultra-fast-charging LFP batteries by the end of this year, potentially eliminating the need for lengthy charging stops during road trips.

The key to these rapid charge times lies in the 6C charging rate boasted by both the BYD Blade 2.0 and CATL Qilin 2.0 battery packs. In simpler terms, the “6” signifies that the charging multiplier is six times the battery capacity. For instance, a 100-amp-hour battery could be charged with a massive 600-amp current.

However, there are hurdles to overcome. Upgrading the charging infrastructure is crucial to support these speeds. Without an update to the charging network, owners of these advanced batteries won’t be able to fully benefit from their technology and will be limited by slower charging options. It’s also important to remember that batteries can’t maintain peak charging speeds throughout the entire charging cycle. Expect some strategic marketing around these new batteries, with a focus on specific charging windows, like 10% to 80% in 10 minutes. The 2024 Zeekr 1 with its 5C-rated battery is a prime example, achieving an 11.5-minute charge time for this range.

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