May 19, 2024

Science Fiction Writer Predicted The Future

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The transcript features an interview with renowned science fiction author Isaac Asimov, discussing his predictions and visions for the future of space exploration, computers, robotics, and humanity’s role in shaping that future. It touches on concepts like permanent space settlements, harnessing solar power, the increasing importance of computers and AI, the impacts of robotics on jobs, and taking an optimistic yet cautionary view of technological progress. It also covers some earlier inaccurate and exaggerated predictions about robots replacing humans, as well as actual technological developments in 1982 like artificial hearts and fusion reactors. The overall theme is Asimov’s hopeful but measured outlook on future scientific and technological advancements.


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  1. Aristocratic Jack says:

    The mid 20th century was a time of fanciful predictions for future technologies. Most so far have proven to be empty nothing-burgers, especially the ones about civilian space travel and colonization. But other predictions were relatively accurate, like 1960s and 70s depictions of what appears to be cell phones.

    Here’s some of the mid 20th century predictions that ended up coming true, and those that appear likely to come true in the next decade or so
    * Robotic slaves in the domestic sphere. While we don’t yet have robot maids and butlers (if we ever do get them!), but we’ve got robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers, what ought to count for something.
    *Tablets and cell phones. Movies like 2001-A Space Oddessey and shows like Star Trek famously predicted these.
    *3d printers. They may not be the Star Trek style Replicators yet, but three dimensional printing has made toys, silverware, glasses, even entire buildings and bridges! The next frontiers for this tech could be food and organs.
    *Mile tall skyscrapers. During the early 20th century, some architects started envisioning buildings with several hundred floors and rising more than a kilometer into the air. Multiple projects are slated to reach and even exceed the kilometre high mark, such as Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom\Jeddah Tower.

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