May 25, 2024

Science Experiments That Will Change The World — Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

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I love the first line.

In this video I spoke with Rupert Sheldrake about the science experiments that will change the world, taking us from morphic resonance, telepathy to aging research.

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Proc Royal Soc B aging paper discussed:

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Intro — 00:00
Biochemistry and background — 01:00
Experiments that would change the world — 03:50
Aging — 29:00
Thoughts — 46:00

Please note that The Sheekey Science Show is distinct from Eleanor Sheekey’s teaching and research roles at the University of Cambridge. The information provided in this show is not medical advice, nor should it be taken or applied as a replacement for medical advice. The Sheekey Science Show and guests assume no liability for the application of the information discussed.

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