May 28, 2024

Revolutionary Discovery: Scientists Prove Existence of New Type of Magnetism

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A recent study published in Nature reveals that an international team of scientists has challenged the conventional division of magnetism into two types: ferromagnetism, known for thousands of years, and antiferromagnetism, identified roughly a century ago. The researchers have now successfully demonstrated, through direct experiments, a third type of magnetism—altermagnetism—which had been theoretically predicted by scientists from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague several years earlier.

Limitations of the previously known magnetic branches for information technologies

We usually think of a magnet as a ferromagnet, which has a strong magnetic field that keeps a shopping list on the door of a refrigerator or enables the function of an electric motor in an electric car. The magnetic field of a ferromagnet is created when the magnetic field of millions of its atoms is aligned in the same direction. This magnetic field can also be used to modulate the electric current in information technology (IT) components.

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