May 21, 2024

Microsoft Surface Copilot + PC Event: Everything Revealed in 13 Minutes

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At Microsoft’s AI press event, the company unveiled its latest Surface PCs with new AI Copilot features built-in. Check out all the highlights in our recap from Redmond, WA.

Everything Microsoft Just Announced: Copilot Plus PCs, Surface Pro and Laptop Running on Qualcomm

0:00 Intro.
1:05 Copilot+PC
2:30 Microsoft Copilot Update.
4:14 Microsoft Copilot with Minecraft.
6:33 Copilot+PC NPU
7:29 Copilot+PC Qualcomm Snapdragon X ELite.
8:10 Copilot+PC Surface Laptop and Surface Pro.
8:50 Copilot+PC Surface Laptop Specs.
10:54 Copilot+PC Surface Pro Specs.
12:01 Surface Pro Flex Keyboard.
12:35 Surface Slim Pin.
12:50 Copilot+PC Preorders and Availability.

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