May 19, 2024

Breaking Light Speed: The Quantum Tunneling Enigma

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In an amazing phenomenon of quantum physics known as tunneling, particles appear to move faster than the speed of light. However, physicists from Darmstadt believe that the time it takes for particles to tunnel has been measured incorrectly until now. They propose a new method to stop the speed of quantum particles.

In classical physics, there are strict laws that cannot be circumvented. For instance, if a rolling ball lacks sufficient energy, it will not get over a hill; instead, it will roll back down before reaching the peak. In quantum physics, this principle is not quite so strict. Here, a particle may pass a barrier, even if it does not have enough energy to go over it. It acts as if it is slipping through a tunnel, which is why the phenomenon is also known as “quantum tunneling.” Far from mere theoretical magic, this phenomenon has practical applications, such as in the operation of flash memory drives.

Quantum Tunneling and Relativity.

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