May 19, 2024

AMD Announces Mass-Production Of The Alveo V80 Compute Accelerator, $9495 Price Tag

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AMD has announced mass production of its Alveo V80 compute accelerator, the firm’s newest HPC product targeted at memory-intensive workloads.

AMD’s Alveo V80 Targets Memory-Intensive HPC Workloads Through Heterogeneous Integration Courtesy of Versal HBM

The Alveo V80 was a silent announcement by AMD, but it does indeed pack a punch. This card targets catering to mid-tier workloads that are heavily dependent on memory utilization and expects to witness massive adoption in the fields of HPC, Networking, and Storage Applications. The FPGA-based accelerator looks to make strides in the industry through its competitive performance and the price tag it comes with, which we’ll discuss later.

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