Apr 10, 2024

Step steady: Consistent walking improves brain function in older adults

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In a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers explored how changes in daily step counts and variability affect cognitive function in older adults during a 10-week physical activity intervention.

Study: Association between changes in habitual stepping activity and cognition in older adults. Image Credit: SibRapid / Shutterstock.


Aging often leads to cognitive decline, particularly in executive functions and inhibitory control, which are early indicators of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Engaging in regular physical activity can reduce or even reverse these declines in older adults. As the population ages, identifying strategies to preserve cognitive function becomes crucial. While structured exercise in controlled settings has been linked to cognitive health, the effects of habitual, daily physical activity on cognition remain underexplored. Further research is needed to clarify the mechanisms linking physical activity patterns to cognitive improvements and to establish customized intervention strategies for diverse aging populations.

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