Apr 21, 2024

See how atmospheric water generators can help water security

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Atmospheric water generators can save millions of lives due to new drought conditions even bringing water from air in the desert climates.

  • Water scarcity continues to be a pervasive global challenge, cutting across developed and emerging markets, climates and socio-political dynamics.
  • Atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology is a promising emergency solution that can immediately generate drinkable water using moisture in the air.
  • Distribution of atmospheric water generation technology to communities in need can serve as an effective stopgap measure for municipalities facing immediate clean water shortages.

The statistics underpinning water scarcity are dire and noteworthy – approximately 770 million people lack access to clean water. That is one in ten people on the planet. The average woman in rural Africa walks 6 kilometres (about 3.7 miles) daily to haul 40 pounds of water.

The pervasive nature of the global water crisis, however, is such that it isn’t contained to developing parts of the world. In California, for example, over 2 million people use private wells that access groundwater. However, due to drought conditions, excessive industrial pumping of aquifers and, more recently, deeper drilling of industrial wells, local communities are having an increasingly hard time accessing adequate water. The state’s farms and cities rely on underground aquifers for nearly 40% of their water and this rises in dry years. Nearly 90% of Californians draw on groundwater for part of their water supply.

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