Apr 21, 2024

Japan to build NASA a pressurized Moon campervan for 30-day trips

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Haven’t posted in a while, my mother is not doing well, had to take her to the ER the other day, but this is important and I hope it sets a trend of cooperation.

When NASA returns to the Moon, its astronauts will enjoy tooling around in a pressurized camper van courtesy of JAXA and Toyota. The two-person vehicle is part of a US/Japan agreement that includes putting the first Japanese astronauts on the Moon.

It’s beginning to look like NASA’s program to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon will resemble a car show as much as it does a scientific expedition. The space agency recently awarded contracts to develop an open off road vehicle to carry astronauts around on the Moon, though these are small and the driver and passengers have to wear spacesuits. Meanwhile, the Japanese vehicle being developed by JAXA and Toyota is a mobile outpost where the crew can live and work for up to 30 days in a shirt sleeve environment.

No doubt while wearing loud Hawaiian shirts.

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