Apr 22, 2024

Instagram Is Profiting Off Disgusting Apps That Undress People Without Their Consent

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

AI image generators that claim the ability to “undress” celebrities and random women are nothing new — but now, they’ve been spotted in monetized ads on Instagram.

As 404 Media reports, Meta — the parent company of Facebook and Instagram — contained in its ad library several paid posts promoting so-called “nudify” apps, which use AI to make deepfaked nudes out of clothed photos.

In one ad, a photo of Kim Kardashian was shown next to the words “undress any girl for free” and “try it.” In another, two AI-generated photos of a young-looking girl sit side by side — one with her wearing a long-sleeved shirt, another appearing to show her topless, with the words “any clothing delete” covering her breasts.

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