Mar 14, 2024

SpaceX Launches Third Starship Flight Test

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SpaceX is targeting Thursday for the third flight of Starship. The license from the FAA was acquired. The flight will feature several upgrades to Booster and Ship, as well as a modification of the flight path to the Indian Ocean, instead of Hawaii. In space, SpaceX plans to demonstrate the payload dispenser door, and the capability to relight a Raptor in Space. Additionally, SpaceX wants to demonstrate the capability of in-space cryogenic propellant transfer.

The mission will attempt a soft splashdown of Booster 10 in the Gulf of Mexico, and a splashdown of Ship 28 in the Indian Ocean.

Window Opens: March 14th at 7:00AM CDT (12:00 UTC)
Window Closes: March 14th at 9:00AM CDT (14:00 UTC)

Mission: Starship’s third fully integrated test flight.
Vehicles: Booster 10 and Ship 28
Booster Recovery: Booster will attempt a soft splashdown ~20km offshore simulating a landing back on the chopsticks.
Ship Recovery: Ship will not be recovered but will attempt a controlled reentry and splashdown in the Indian Ocean.
· SpaceX’s 26th launch of the year and the 7th launch of the month.
· SpaceX’s 3rd space launch from Starbase.

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