Mar 2, 2024

Electric Sheep’s jolly AI-powered garden bot edges, trims and blows

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Robotic garden helpers have been keeping lawns in trim for decades, but none are as much fun to watch as the Verdie AI-powered outdoor maintenance bot from Electric Sheep as it wheels around edges, blows debris and gets to grips with power tools.

For the last few years, San Francisco’s Electric Sheep Robotics has been providing automated outdoor maintenance tech as a Robots-as-a-Service rental model. But more recently the company has been acquiring traditional outdoor service providers and “progressively transforming operations by deploying proprietary AI software and robots” in a move towards becoming a large-scale outdoor maintenance company.

Tapping into this US$1 trillion market involves replacing the “wide variety of highly pollutant gas power tools; string trimmers, leaf blowers, weed sprayers, etc” – while also addressing labor shortages in the industry – by rolling out emission-free automated helpers.

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