Mar 22, 2024

Company develops revolutionary technology that allows wind turbines to practically build themselves: ‘It will be a gamechanger’

Posted by in categories: futurism, sustainability

“Gigantic aluminum spiders” might sound like the stuff of nightmares or an antagonist in an anime series. However, for one Norwegian company, they could be the future of the wind energy industry.

WindSpider, a tech company that focuses on onshore and offshore wind turbines, has developed a new self-erecting crane system that could revolutionize the way turbines are built.

The WindSpider crane uses the tower of the wind turbine itself as part of the crane while performing installation, maintenance, repowering, and decommissioning of bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind turbines. This allows operations to be performed on floating turbines on site and at sea and for a lifting capacity that can be scaled to over 1,500 tons with no height limitations.

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