Mar 29, 2024

Can Transhumanism Rescue The West From The Threat Of AI?

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Here’s a new Forbes review by world leading futurist Tracey Follows on the book: Transhuman Citizen:

What does Transhumanism, Ayn Rand and the U.S. Presidential election have in common? They are the connecting themes in a new book by Ben Murnane entitled, “Transhuman Citizen”

The book tells the story of Zoltan Istvan, a one-time U.S. Presidential candidate, who drove a coffin-shaped bus around the U.S. attempting to persuade the public that death is not inevitable and that transhumanism is a political as much as a scientific solution to the troubles of the 21st Century.

The book deals with what lead up to that Presidential campaign, the campaign itself, and what has happened since.

It starts with an explanation of how the author came to settle on his subject of Zoltan Istvan Gyurko, and the radical changes he wants to see in society. It links the author’s interest to his own personal circumstances. Murnane has a rare genetic disease, Fanconi anaemia, and became the first person in Ireland to have a novel form of bone marrow transplant. Having benefited from advanced medical technologies, he went on to write a book about living with the illness. Murnane also has interest in Ayn Rand, having completed a PhD in Rand and Posthumanism.

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