Mar 18, 2024

An avatar will never lie, or will it? Scientists investigate how often we change our minds in virtual environments

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“We usually conform to the views of others for two reasons. First, we succumb to group pressure and want to gain . Second, we lack sufficient knowledge and perceive the group as a source of a better interpretation of the current situation,” explains Dr. Konrad Bocian from the Institute of Psychology at SWPS University.

So far, only a few studies have investigated whether , or evaluations of another person’s behavior in a given situation, are subject to group pressure. This issue was examined by scientists from SWPS University in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sussex and the University of Kent. The scientists also investigated how views about the behavior of others changed under the influence of pressure in a virtual environment. A paper on this topic is published in PLOS ONE.

“Today, is increasingly as potent in the as in the . Therefore, it is necessary to determine how our judgments are shaped in the digital reality, where interactions take place online and some participants are avatars, not real humans,” points out Dr. Bocian.

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