Feb 14, 2024

The promise of collective superintelligence

Posted by in categories: augmented reality, robotics/AI, virtual reality

In the short term, CSI technology enables an entirely new form of communication in which thoughtful deliberations can be conducted among groups of nearly any size. This has potential to enhance a wide range of fields from enterprise collaboration and market research to large-scale civic engagement.

In the longer term, this approach could enable a new pathway to superintelligence that is inherently aligned with human values, morals and sensibilities. Of course, companies like OpenAI and Anthropic should keep working around the clock to instill their AI models with human values and interests, but others should be pursuing alternative methods that amplify rather than replace human intelligence. One alternative is Collective Superintelligence, which looks far more feasible today than in years past.

Louis Rosenberg is a longtime technologist in the fields of AI and VR. He is known for founding early VR company Immersion in 1993, Unanimous AI in 2014, and for developing the first mixed reality system as a researcher for the U.S. Air Force.

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