Feb 28, 2024

Scientists Scanning Beautiful Star System for Signs of Alien Tech

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Last year, scientists discovered a mathematically perfect star system — and now, they’re looking into whether it might contain signs of alien tech.

Dubbed HD 110067, the star system located just 100 light-years from Earth has six exoplanets that are each perfectly spaced apart in the sort of mathematical harmony rarely seen in our chaotic Universe. In a paper published in the journal Nature last November, scientists listed off the astounding attributes of the system, which unfortunately did not include any planets in the so-called “habitable zone,” or distance from the orbit-inducing star that could support life as we know it here on Earth.

All the same, scientists aren’t done looking, and as radio astronomer and alien life-seeking expert Steve Croft of the University of Berkeley told, there’s no reason that advanced civilizations may not have visited HD 110,067 and potentially left some of their technology behind.

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