Feb 17, 2024

Mushroom sprouting from frog’s leg leaves scientists concerned

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Sounds like the video game/movie “The Last of Us” though there was a somewhat similar X Files episode as well before that. Though I doubt it’ll be a zombie plague, it could be like another pandemic someday or an issue such as a deadly fungal outbreak they had in Portland, Oregon before if I recall.

Scientists have been left concerned after making the surprise discovery of a frog with a small mushroom sprouting from its leg.

The amphibian was discovered in the foothills of India’s Western Ghats and researchers stated that it’s the first time a mushroom has been found growing on live animal tissue.

Researchers affiliated with the World Wildlife Fund released findings on the species, known as Rao’s intermediate golden-backed frog (Hylarana intermedia), in a new study published in the journal Reptiles and Amphibians.

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