Feb 28, 2024

Central Texas aerospace company expands to prepare for new space age

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BRIGGS, Texas (KXAN) — More rockets will soon be built in the Austin area. Firefly Aerospace, an end-to-end space transportation company, think space truckers, is unveiling its newest Rocket Ranch facility Wednesday.

The expanded facility will allow the company to produce and assemble new rockets, as well as test engines with 230,000 pounds of thrust. A new 100-foot test stand is part of the facility.

In addition, the facility will give the company access to a new automated fiber placement machine, allowing them to build rocket components at a faster pace as well as a new robotic powermill. This device will allow the company to rotate rockets with an 18-foot diameter.


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  1. Natrale says:

    For those of us using the metric system, the engines can go to 1,012 kilonewtons of thrust, the facility has a 30 meter test stand, and the fibre placement machine can accommodate rockets up to 5.4 metres in diameter.

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