Jan 15, 2024

Watch: Plant caught on cam ‘talking’ to neighbouring plant in groundbreaking study

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Just like humans, plants also communicate with each other as soon as any danger or attack is detected in their neighbourhood. Scientists know about this phenomenon since the 1980s, having identified at least 80 species who act in their defence in crisis situations. However, it was still shrouded in mystery as to how exactly plants receive such danger signals from their neighbours.

Now, a team of Japanese scientists has not just solved this puzzle but also filmed the communication among plants in an amazing video. In a study published in Nature Communications, molecular biologists at Saitama University in Japan, Yuri Aratani and Takuya Uemura, demonstrated how these plants behave upon detecting danger.

To conduct the experiment, scientists set off caterpillars on leaves cut from tomato plants and a commonly used weed called Arabidopsis thaliana. To better analyse its impact on the neighbouring plant, the compounds were concentrated in a plastic bottle and pumped onto the recipient plant at a constant rate.

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