Dec 5, 2023

Reducing Biological Age By 67% : The Origins Of E5

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So if I heard this right, after 8 minutes or so, the effects are temporary and he indicates people would have to take this every couple of years.

Here Akshay talks about his interest in aging, how he met with Dr Katcher and formed Yuvan Research and their experiments with E5 and the results that they saw.
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00:00 Founding of Yuvan.
08:00 What is E5
11:50 How does the effect last?
14:05 How much age reversal.

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Reversal of biological age in multiple rat organs by young porcine plasma fraction.

Akshay Sanghavi is the Chief Executive Officer of Yuvan Research. His work mainly focuses on cell aging, DNA methylation, epigenetics, gene regulation, epigenomics, genomics, regulation of gene expression, and transcriptional regulation.

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