Dec 1, 2023

Meta AI unveils ‘Seamless’ translator for real-time communication across languages

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Meta AI researchers announced on Thursday that they have developed a new suite of artificial intelligence models called Seamless Communication that aim to enable more natural and authentic communication across languages — essentially making the concept of a Universal Speech Translator a reality. The models were publicly released this week along with research papers and accompanying data.

The flagship model, called Seamless, merges capabilities from three other models — SeamlessExpressive, SeamlessStreaming, and SeamlessM4T v2 — into one unified system. According to the research paper, Seamless is “the first publicly available system that unlocks expressive cross-lingual communication in real-time.”

The Seamless translator represents a new frontier in the use of AI for communication across the blog. It combines three sophisticated neural network models to enable real-time translation between over 100 spoken and written languages while preserving the vocal style, emotion, and prosody of the speaker’s voice.

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