Dec 6, 2023

IBM finally unveils quantum powerhouse, a 1,000+ qubit processor

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, mathematics, quantum physics, supercomputing

With a processor that has fewer qubits, IBM has improved error correction, paving the way for the use of these processors in real life.

IBM has unveiled its much-awaited 1,000+ qubit quantum processor Condor, alongside a utility-scale processor dubbed IBM Quantum Heron at its Quantum Summit in New York. The latter is the first in the series of utility-scale quantum processors that IBM took four years to build, the company said in a press release.

Quantum computers, considered the next frontier of computing, have locked companies big and small in a race to build the platform that everybody would want to use to solve complex problems in medicine, physics, mathematics, and many more.

Even the fastest supercomputers of today are years behind the potential of quantum computers, whose capabilities keep improving with the addition of quantum bits or qubits in the processor. So, a 1,000+ qubit processor is a big deal, and even though a startup may have beaten IBM to this milestone, the latter’s announcement is still significant for what else IBM brings to the table.

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