Dec 31, 2023

Google Addresses the Mysteries of Its Hypercomputer

Posted by in categories: quantum physics, robotics/AI, supercomputing

When Google launched its Hypercomputer earlier this month (December 2023), the first reaction was, “Say what?” It turns out that the Hypercomputer is Google’s take on a modular supercomputer with a healthy dose of its homegrown TPU v5p AI accelerators, which were also announced this month.

The modular design also allows workloads to be sliced up between TPUs and GPUs, with Google’s software tools doing the provisioning and orchestration in the background. Theoretically, if Google were to add a quantum computer to the Google Cloud, it could also be plugged into the Hypercomputer.

While the Hypercomputer was advertised as an AI supercomputer, the good news is that the system also runs scientific computing applications.

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