Nov 1, 2023

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Approach That Targets Translation Looks Promising

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Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is an aggressive tumor with a very poor prognosis and limited therapeutic targets. Now, researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and collaborating institutions have discovered in diverse TNBC animal models that targeting the protein elF4A with the small molecule drug Zotatifin suppressed tumor cell proliferation and remodeled the tumor immune microenvironment. The findings may lead to clinical trials to assess the potential patient benefits of this novel approach.

The team published their findings in The Journal of Clinical Investigation in an article titled, “Targeting EIF4A triggers an interferon response to synergize with chemotherapy and suppress triple-negative breast cancer.”

“Protein synthesis is frequently dysregulated in cancer and selective inhibition of mRNA translation represents an attractive cancer therapy,” wrote the researchers. “Here, we show that therapeutically targeting the RNA helicase eIF4A by Zotatifin, the first-in-class eIF4A inhibitor, exerts pleiotropic effects on both tumor cells and the tumor immune microenvironment in a diverse cohort of syngeneic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) mouse models.”

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